Top Trendy Backpacks for Teens in 2021

Summer is well underway, and soon enough, another academic year will have started. If you have a teen looking for a new and more fashionable backpack, it can help to know the top trendy backpacks for teens in 2021 to make your summer and fall shopping a success. Below, BackpacksUSA anticipates the best backpack fads for this year.

Color-Blocked Rucksack Bags

A rucksack backpack’s design makes it unique, most recognized by the flap that arches over the top and front of the bag and buckles shut. Recently, color-blocked rucksack bags started to take their standout look to another level.

Color-blocked rucksack bags have become one of the top trendy backpacks for teens in 2021 because they give an air of creativity and adventure. Rucksack styles also offer optimal storage, making this selection a practical and stylish one.

Translucent Backpacks

There’s something especially confident in donning an entirely clear backpack. Its casing exposes everything inside but does so within a unique, glossy shell.

To give clear and mesh backpacks some dimension and style, manufacturers often produce them with colorful piping, zippers, and straps. These features give translucent bags an even more unique edge over other types.

Pastel Laptop Bags

Due to the past year’s need for online classes, there’s been an influx of students using laptops for coursework. The use of laptops in schools jolted the market for a backpack with proper storage. Manufacturers have caught onto this trend, thus creating laptop bags in a vast assortment of styles and colors.

Pastels have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and for a good reason. Pastel hues are minimalistic yet offer an elegant, neat, and professional look. The separate slot made to protect laptops while in transit will ensure that your student’s equipment remains intact.

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