How To Choose the Right Backpack for Resale

People enlist backpacks for a myriad of reasons—whether it’s school, work, travel, or something else. Whatever the purpose, a smart consumer is going to opt for a reliable backpack that will last them at least a couple of years. Should your retail space offer backpacks or consider offering them, there are tips on how to choose the right backpack for resale to optimize profit. BackpacksUSA looks at different backpack options for you to equip your resale store with, as well as how to score the best deals when stocking up.

First, Consider Your Audience

Does your retail store supply backpacks for adults? Children? Both? Determine who you’d like to cater to—it’ll inform your purchases and which backpacks will be right for your store.

While most kids tend to opt for backpacks with bright colors and unique prints, most adults using their backpacks for work typically seek a bag with a standard appearance and ample storage and comfort. Knowing the trends of your target audience(s) is monumental to optimizing your resale profits.

Different Types of Backpack Options

Here are a few different types of backpacks that may go over well in your shop.

Traditional Backpack

When you envision a backpack, it’s probably a traditional-style backpack. This style of pack has a minimalistic design, with two straps and usually just one or two compartments.


The main difference between a rucksack and a traditional backpack is the appearance. Rucksacks store items a bit more loosely, providing room for more. They often don a drawstring to tighten the pack, along with a flap and buckle feature to enclose your items.

Laptop Backpack

Laptop backpacks are designed for just that: laptops. They sport a lightly cushioned compartment for safe laptop travel and usually another compartment or two for other work or school supplies.

How To Score the Best Deals

When investigating how to choose the right backpacks for resale, don’t overlook the cost. Learn how to score the best deals when purchasing backpacks for your shop.

Go Wholesale

Purchasing bulk school backpacks instead of buying them individually can save your business a ton of money. Not only will you receive the backpacks at a lower price per unit, but often wholesale purchases mean lower shipping costs, too.

Compare Wholesale Prices

Though you’re guaranteed to score a better deal when shopping wholesale, comparing wholesalers will ensure you’re getting the best price. Check different wholesalers’ inventory and prices to see their offerings align with your needs and budget.

Consider BackpacksUSA

BackpacksUSA sells wholesale backpacks and other wholesale items, so you can supply your store with the materials it needs at an affordable price. With free shipping to the 48 continental states, you can be sure you’re getting the best deal. Call or email us today to learn more about how we can help you.