How To Make the Most Out of Your Tote Bag

Wherever you’re heading this summer, you’ll need a fashionable bag for all your daily essentials. And more than style, your bag should offer durability and reliability. Tote bags have made an extreme impact on the handbag game in recent years because they provide all of the above. If you’re on the market for a new tote bag, explore how to make the most out of your tote bag to optimize its functions.

Different Ways That Tote Bags Are Versatile

So what makes these big bags so versatile? Backpacks USA explores what makes tote bags such an incredibly universal accessory.

Fashionable Flexibility

You can find tote bags in nearly any material, making them a super flexible option for nights out or trips to the grocery store. While canvas and cotton bags tend to pair well with more casual looks, boxier faux leather and nylon tote bags are great for more polished outfits.

The Ultimate Unisex Accessory

So many designers have a hand in tote bag design, which leaves the market chock-full of unisex bags. Because tote bags are so basic—yet so useful—the lines often blur as to whether certain tote bag designs target men or women, making them fair game for both and everyone in between.

Designed to Suit Any Lifestyle

Whether you’re living in an urban, rural, or suburban area, you can put a tote bag to good use. For the city-dweller, totes are convenient for storing all your on-the-go essentials (i.e., phone charger, wallet, keys, transit card, etc.), plus any random shopping items you buy throughout the day.

Totes mesh well with suburban lifestyles—specifically, those of parents—as they’re spacious and durable for kids’ knickknacks, and most are machine washable (should transferring snacks go awry). The space, durability, and machine washable characteristics of tote bags are also convenient for folks in rural areas. People in rural areas can use a tote when making large hauls in or out of town or simply need a casual, daily handbag.

Made for Many Occasions

As mentioned, how casual or formal a tote bag is will depend on its material. Because totes come in a range of materials, you can apply them to a variety of occasions. A tote from Backpacks USA’s selection of wholesale tote bags can accompany you on trips to the store, the beach, work, and more. Let’s look at different types of these bags that enable even more custom uses.

Different Types of Tote Bags and Their Uses

Since tote bags have risen in popularity over the last decade, people who make them have catered their designs to more specific uses. Explore the abundant selection of different tote bag types to learn more about how to make the most out of your tote bag, in particular.

Diaper Tote Bags

For parents and nannies, diaper tote bags are the holy grail of accessories. Babies and toddlers always have a high demand for fresh diapers, engaging toys, and the occasional snack, all of which a diaper tote can carry at once.

Separate slots and compartments help users sort their bag’s miscellaneous contents with ease. Separation doesn’t just make navigating a diaper tote easier; it also ensures that baby supplies remain safe in transit. Most diaper tote bags have either minimalist patterns in pastel hues or cute animal or character prints to indicate their use as the baby bag supplies bag.

Picnic Tote Bags

Picnic tote bags are the ultimate summer accessories. They contain compartments for silverware, picnic blankets, and, often, an insulated compartment for hot or cold food and drinks. If you’re a fan of picnics in the park, this is the multifaceted tote bag for you.

Mesh Tote Bags

Those in need of a tote in lightweight materials should consider a large mesh tote bag. On top of being lighter than other types of tote bags, mesh totes reveal what they contain, making it easier to grab whatever item you need.

Grocery Tote Bags

While you’re free to repurpose any type of tote bag as a grocery tote, you can also utilize totes specifically made for all your grocery trips. Many reusable grocery totes use recycled materials that offer a sleek feel. Since they’re designated for carrying produce and other edible goods, grocery totes are typically safe to wipe down with sanitary clothes or throw in the wash.

Work Tote Bags

For settings that are a little more formal, don a work tote bag. Work tote bags are often faux leather or sleek nylon, with two or three compartments for workday supplies. Work tote bags will usually offer a zipper seal and more structured straps than other totes to make lugging a ton of work items a breeze.

Beach Tote Bags

Nobody wants to get their everyday purse or backpack full of sand and dirt. Beach tote bags make it easy to pack for days at the ocean, lake, or pool, with several compartments for towels, sunscreen, and other summer essentials.

You’ll typically know whether a tote is meant for the beach based on its design. Beach tote bags may have a beach-adjacent print marked with seagulls, lighthouses, anchors, starfish, or other iconic sea life imagery.

Promotional Tote Bags

Totes are cheap and effective ways for companies to get their brand name out there. Because canvas and cotton tote bags are so inexpensive to buy and brand, businesses can benefit from making these for promotional purposes.

Companies can redistribute totes to clients, customers, and employees as a complimentary token of appreciation. This tote will then serve as free promotion when the receiver takes it out for groceries, beach days, gym sessions, etc.

Where to Purchase Wholesale Tote Bags

Backpacks USA has an abundant selection of wholesale materials, including tote bags, for you to browse and buy. Contact us for all your bulk purchases, as we’re a company that specializes in providing for high-volume needs at a favorable price. Unlike many wholesalers, we offer free shipping to all 48 continental states, giving you the best financial options for your order. Peruse our website today to see just how expansive our inventory is.