Top Wholesale Fanny Packs for Summer 2021

That’s right, fanny packs have made a comeback. Hailing from the 1980s, fanny packs became popular because of their versatility, vivid colors, and hands-free designs. Though fanny packs have evolved since then, the reasons behind their popularity have remained the same. Fanny packs have an advantage over other types of bags because anyone and everyone can use them. Whether you’re going for a walk, a night out, or a long bike ride, you’ll want a hip pack as your companion. Backpacks USA dives into the top wholesale fanny packs for summer 2021.

Solid-Color Fanny Packs

Sometimes the only missing element of an outfit is a pop of color. Solid and vibrant blank fanny packs make an excellent accessory to virtually any outfit, as they can liven a bland ensemble effortlessly. On the flip side, you can still pair them with clothes that include prints or patterns, as the solid color can serve as a central accessory that doesn’t overpower its surroundings.

Multi-Slot Fanny Packs

If you want to store a little more than just your phone and wallet, a multi-slot fanny pack is right for you. It offers more than one storage component, which is why multi-slot fanny packs are popular for people who are always on the go. If you plan to be out all day long, having generous storage in your pack is highly convenient.

Crossbody Packs

Crossbody packs are also some of the top wholesale fanny packs for summer 2021 due to their recent rise in popularity. With styles like athleisure on the rise, there’s no better accompaniment than a fashionable and functional bag across the torso.

Many athletic brands have caught on to this trend and released a slightly enlarged fanny pack of their own in recent years. What’s nice is that you don’t necessarily need to hit the stores for a crossbody pack if you have a fanny pack. Simply lengthen the strap until it fits across your torso.

Leather Fanny Packs

Leather fanny packs are durable and sophisticated, making them great additions to outfits that need a casual yet stylish accessory. Since they typically come in black, you can be sure that a leather fanny pack will match any outfit.