Equipment for Organized Sports Teams

Equipment for Organized Sports Teams

As the weather heats up this spring, outdoor sports are on the rise and practice is in full session. Whether it be football, soccer, baseball, softball, basketball and more, teams need the right equipment to have a successful season. Backpacks USA is committed to giving our customers the best bang for their buck when it comes to team apparel. Items like backpacks, drawstrings, and hygiene kits are a staple to every athletic team. We have the lowest prices are available when buying these sports apparel items in bulk.

Bulk Backpacks

Team sports is about uniformity and what better way to be in uniform then to have team backpacks. Order backpacks to match your team colors and show your team and parents that you are invested in the season. Kids and students will take pride in their team when receiving a brand new backpack to put their practice gear and accessories in.

Hygiene Kits in Bulk

Club sports is intense and usually requires long weekends on the road spent in hotels in other cities. Be prepared for sports travel by buying bulk hygiene kits for teams and players. Have shampoo, soaps, toothbrushes, and deodorants on hand and at the ready with our pre-packaged toiletry kits. Teach your players good hygiene by having a prepared kit ready for them after the game.

Bulk Drawstring Bags

Maybe backpacks are out of your budget and you want something a little more affordable and lightweight. Drawstring backpacks are perfect travel bags for organized sports teams. Easy to close cinch sacks can carry shoes, jerseys, socks, and more. Keep your team organized and ready to go after the competition with our line of drawstring bags.

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