Corporate Promo Giveaways

Corporate Promo Giveaways

Do you have an upcoming corporate event where you plan on advertising your business? Perhaps your struggling to think of promotional giveaway items that you can print your company logo on. Worry no longer because Backpacks USA has all the promotional and printable giveaway items your company needs. From bulk backpacks to fanny packs to drawstring bags, we are your supplier of wholesale promotional items.

Wholesale Backpacks

Don’t settle for drawstring bags, give your employees or people interested in your company “bulk backpacks” with your logo printed on it. A great item to throw your work or personal items, employees will love having their own free corporate backpack. With a variety of colors and designs to choose fun, each bulk order can be customized to fit your companies color scheme. Want to make it unique to your company and your company alone? Find a local printer and slap your logo on it. What better way to advertise that company logo that you have worked so hard to show off?

Fanny Packs

No longer a thing of the past, fanny packs are back and bigger than ever. Much like our wholesale backpacks, bulk fanny packs can be printed on and come in a bunch of different colors and designs. These unique waist bags are ideal for the gym, travel or a night out on the town and are a perfect fashion accessory to your outfit. A great giveaway item, fanny packs can have your business logo stitched right on the front.

Drawstring Bags

Perhaps you have a smaller budget or you want to give away thousands of bags at a time. Bulk drawstring bags are a perfect option for promo items because of their lightweight and compact size, you can purchase a wholesale box of these and hand out at any event. Also customizable by a local embroidery shop.

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