Bulk Hygiene Supplies: From Hotels, Airbnbs’, Non-Profits and Disaster Relief

Bulk Hygiene Supplies: From Hotels to Airbnbs’ to Non-Profits and Disaster Relief

Hotels and Airbnb’s

Forget spending tons of money on popular bathroom and hygiene supplies every year, you have a business to run! Hotels across the country have been buying bulk hygiene items for their facilities for years. With today’s vacation rental business on the rise, the demand for such necessities is even greater. Want to keep your property’s star rating at a 5? How about providing free toiletries your guests? Luckily, wholesale pricing does exist and buying in bulk is an excellent option to meet these needs.

Disaster Relief

Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, blizzards, the United States has it all. When disaster strikes, associations like the Red Cross are scrambling to find enough toiletry supplies to meet the needs of people that are displaced by tragedy. Items like soaps, shampoos, razors, shaving cream, toothbrushes, toothpaste are all things that we have at our finger tips daily. But when a emergency takes place and you are removed from your home, maintaining good hygiene is difficult. Fortunately, volunteers across America come together to provide toiletry items to people in need.


Homeless shelters, United Ways, YMCA’s and other 501 c organizations are constantly giving back to society. Many of these charities put together drives to collect donations to hand out to the less privileged. Well sometimes donations aren’t enough. Buying bulk hygiene kits and supplies is an excellent way to assist these companies with their charity efforts.

Make the most of your dollar, whether you’re a volunteer, in business or work for a charity, buying in bulk is the only option that makes sense. Wholesale pricing is the easiest way to have an impact when purchasing hygiene items.

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