What To Avoid When Setting Up a School Supply Drive

As you’re planning for your school supply drive, there are many things you can check off along the way. These things include what you need to complete, the supplies you’ll need, and everything else it will take to make this drive a success. It’s also crucial to know what to avoid when setting up a school supply drive so that you can focus on your mission.

Don’t Start Too Late

It’s easy to put things off, but anything this monumental and important calls for focus. Starting too late can spell disaster when you’re trying to host an event.

It’s best to take the time to organize and plan the event weeks in advance. If you handle the logistics long before the event takes place, you can focus on managing the event instead of picking up the pieces.

Don’t Leave Out Non-Profits

Some of the largest supporters of missions like school supply drives are non-profit organizations. They love to contribute to charitable efforts, especially those within their shared communities.

It also makes their business or organization shine, acting as a positive outreach opportunity for you both. This way, everyone wins.

While enlisting the assistance of other organizations, don’t forget to call on the local school board. They would love to help with local school fundraising to help gather the educational tools for children attending. Many organizations choose to donate wholesale school supplies to ensure every child has what they need.

Don’t Forget To Promote

You’ve planned it all out—what you’re collecting, when you’re collecting it, and where it’s going. Your next step is making sure people know it’s happening! One of the biggest mistakes people make with organizing school supply drives is not telling enough people about it.

Make sure to send home fliers for parents to give them ample advanced notice. Any after-school events? Advertise the drive for any students and their supporters. The morning announcements should also definitely talk about the supply drive. Long story short: don’t forget to promote!

There are a few things to avoid when setting up a school supply drive, but once you’ve dodged these mistakes, you’re ready! Follow these basic tenets, and you’ll be on your way to helping children in need before you know it.