8 Back-to-School Supplies You Should Order in Bulk

School can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. If a student comes prepared with all the materials they need, that can be half the battle. Whether you are a parent looking to help other families or a business trying to help your community, you can help lessen back-to-school stress. Read on to discover eight back-to-school supplies you should order in bulk to help students in your community succeed.

Stockpile the Paper

There might not be an item that students need more than paper. This item is the greatest tool they will have while in the education system. There will never be a time when they don’t need to write something down to take notes.

From authoring papers, journaling, or even something as simple as creating their schedules, notebook paper is one of the most versatile school supplies. This school supply is the foundation upon which students build many life skills.

#2 Pencils Are Life

These are the definitive answers to the question of what writing tool the students may need. They can count on a pencil to be functional down to the very end.

Number two pencils tend to last longer than pens do, and in most cases, students can erase with them where they cannot erase with most pens. Many standardized tests also require that students bring these specific pencils.

Pencils are also exceptionally cheaper than pens and markers, which means that you can donate a large quantity for less, especially when buying in bulk.

Pens for the Win

When students master their writing, they might want to upgrade their work with pens. Pen ink is also more visible than its competitor, graphite.

There is also the option of erasable pens that work great for students who are just starting to find their groove. Pens are crucial for a variety of student activities, from signing academic contracts to completing multi-page essays in Literature courses.

If you’re looking to donate pens to your local students, you can expect to save money when buying them in bulk. Providing classrooms with a reliable set of pens ensures every student can accomplish the tasks at hand.

Sticky Notes

It seems like students can never have enough notes. Students study a wide variety of subjects throughout their academic career, and this vast expanse of information requires them to jot a few things down.

Some students color-code their sticky notes for different subjects. Many also rely on sticky notes to tab pages and chapters in their textbooks to help them organize their studies. This habit ensures they can get right back to where they left off last class.

You will see students even use them in the place of a highlighter if there are texts and pages that they can’t write on. Some students stick them in the books and on pages as reminders as they are studying. This method will be supplemental to their education and advance their studying know-how.

The numerous uses for this simple item make it an ideal classroom donation.

Pocket Folders

As simple as this item may be, you will be surprised how crucial pocket folders are in grade school. With all the documents they’ll collect from each class, students will need something to help them keep organized.

This organizational habit will also help them study outside of class while doing their homework or preparing for a test or project. Organization is the key to success when students have so much work ahead of them. With documents flooding their desk daily, the number of papers a student must keep track of can get overwhelming at times. This need for organization is why students should always have backpacks and school supplies ready for another day, and folders will play a crucial role in making that possible.


When students are taking notes in class, they will pick up several tricks. These notetaking methods will be necessary to keep up with lectures and the teaching speed of their instructor.

If they underline their notes, this can be a successful way of remembering the most important parts of the lesson. Students should hold on to these notes for testing or proficiency through projects and labs. However, underlining with pens or markers can obscure text and make studying difficult.

Instead, they can just use their highlighter of choice, and they’ll know exactly where to look for those crucial notes. Highlighters come in a variety of colors, which can help students break down sentence structures, associate connected themes, and make learning fun.

Composition Notebooks

There is no better notebook for students than the composition notebook. You can choose to donate wide-ruled or college-ruled notebooks—both are beneficial to students of all ages.

The difference between the two is in the margins and number of lines. Wide-ruled prints provide wider margins but fewer lines to work with, and college-ruled notebooks have more lines with smaller margins. No matter which you choose, they are both excellent to have in the classroom as a student resource.

Journaling is one of the greatest things someone can do with these notebooks outside of taking class notes or using them for homework. Students can also work on their writing skills or even their technical skills.

If calligraphy or cursive is something that they aspire to learn, then wide-margin composition notebooks will allow them plenty of space to practice. What makes this donation so important is the binding that helps the papers stick together, ensuring students do not ever have to worry about losing their pages.

Three-Ring Binders

When students get into the upper levels of school, they might notice how the subjects multiply. This advancement will mean that they need to amplify their organizational skills to keep up with their classes and responsibilities.

There may even be a time when they must keep multiple binders to cover the dozens of lessons from each class. Donating binders in bulk provides schools the opportunity to offer binders to students in need.

Students will need the right supplies to be successful during their time in school. No matter their grade, academic life demands that they always stay on track with their studies. Consider ordering these eight back-to-school supplies in bulk today so that students in your community can feel confident that they’re ready for the upcoming school year.

8 Back-to-School Supplies You Should Order in Bulk