Ways To Help People Experiencing Homelessness in the Summer

The summer months bring a lot of excitement. Warm weather, vacations, sunshine—there’s plenty to enjoy during the toastier months of the year. But for some, the summer poses additional challenges. People who don’t have reliable housing become vulnerable to heatstroke, dehydration, and skin damage from the sun. While you’re enjoying your summer fun, consider exercising a few different ways to help people experiencing homelessness in the summer.

Donate Sunscreen and Aloe Moisturizer

It’s no secret that sunscreen and aloe are critical accessories in the summertime. With more sunny days come more exposure to UV rays, folks must equip themselves with proper skin care.

Stock up on sunscreen and aloe moisturizers to share with your local homeless shelter. Extreme sunburn can cause sunstroke and skin damage, two risks that sunscreen can decrease significantly.

Donate Cases of Bottled Water

Donate cases of bottled water to help those experiencing homelessness combat dehydration. Giving bottled water to people without stable housing also ensures that the water they’re drinking is safe for consumption.

To help folks maintain cool water temperatures and safely store their food in the summer, include wholesale insulated lunch bags with your donation of any food or water. Insulation is crucial to extend the life of groceries.

Other Ways To Support Your Local Shelter

If the previously mentioned actions don’t sound feasible, don’t fret. Here are a few additional ways to help people experiencing homelessness in the summer.


Most homeless shelters operate with the help of volunteers. If you can’t donate money or goods, your spare time is just as helpful.

You can support your local shelter with administrative, janitorial, or inventory work, or you can assist in delivering goods to homeless tent sites. Contact the shelters or visit their websites to learn more about their volunteer opportunities and how to sign up.


Shelters usually operate strained budgets due to the high volume of patrons they experience. Monetary donations relieve shelters from some financial strain, allowing them to provide for more people in need.


Give yourself some closet space by giving up some gently worn summer clothes. Just as coats and thick socks are in demand during the winter months, breathable clothing is necessary for the summer months. Sift through your tanks, tees, and shorts, and start a donation pile.

Hygiene Items

Hygienic materials are some of the highest in demand at homeless shelters. BackpacksUSA offers various hygiene kits, with shampoo, razors, and other toiletry items a person experiencing homelessness might not have access to.

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