Tips for Making Informed Charitable Giving Decisions

If you’re looking to jump-start your philanthropic adventures but need some guidance, you’ve come to the right place. At BackpacksUSA, we know the importance of giving back and provide the resources for you to do so at an affordable price. From bulk fanny packs to wholesale hygiene kits, our vast inventory allows you to make an expansive assortment of donations for your community. To make sure your efforts make the most impact, consider our tips for making informed charitable giving decisions.

Determine What You Want To Accomplish

So you want to make an impact on the world—but how? One of the first tips for making informed charitable giving decisions to narrow the process is to decide what you want to accomplish.

Do you want to improve public education resources? Find homes for rescue shelter pets? Increase awareness about an adverse health condition? Determining what you want to do will inform the best course of action to get it done.

Decide How You’ll Accomplish It

You can break charitable giving into two different categories: donating time or donating resources. Choose which of the two, if not both, is more feasible for you. After looking at your schedule, establish a budget, and allocate time to start the donating or volunteering journey.

In whatever way you decide to give back, know that the charitable organization of your choice is sure to appreciate your resources. It’s only with the help of donors and volunteers that many nonprofits stay afloat and can continue supporting disadvantaged communities.

Research Local Charitable Organizations

For the local charitable organizations that pique your interest, go beyond their online ratings. To determine which organization aligns with your own philanthropic goals, ask yourself the following questions.

What’s Their Mission Statement?

A well-organized nonprofit will have a clear mission statement on its website. Delve into what a charitable organization strives for before cutting a check. Find out how their structure allows them to execute goals in aiding the community. You may find that a local niche nonprofit aligns better with your interests than a well-known national charity organization.

What Programs Do They Offer?

If you intend to volunteer rather than donate, verify that your charity of choice has programs that incorporate volunteer work. Before donating, discover which donations are a charity’s preference before disposing of a bunch of materials they can’t use or don’t have the resources to organize.

Are They Recognized as a 501(c)(3) Organization?

This question is pertinent to tax season. If you plan on taking a deduction for your charitable contributions, you’ll only be able to do so if the charities you support operate under a 501(c)(3) status. Check the IRS website to confirm the intended organization’s status or inquire with staff at the nonprofit.

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