Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Students During the Holidays

When you’re thinking about gifts to give schoolchildren, it can be fun to keep school in mind when thinking about gifts. This way, you can celebrate the joy of the holiday and the joy of learning at the same time, and this will be reflected in the gift.

This is especially true if you are their teacher. If you want to gift a student without breaking the bank, check out this article which covers inexpensive gift ideas for students during the holidays.

Personalized Ornaments

If you’re celebrating the holidays and class is still in session, then there is no better time to buy or create gifts the weeks before class is dismissed for the holidays. There are so many ways you can take this gift and make it special, but if you personalize ornaments for each student, it’s a fantastic way to show them that you care.

On the ornament, you could write about something they accomplished or make a cheerful, encouraging note about how much they’re progressed this year. Or you might write down a memory so they’ll never forget your class and how special it was. In addition to making wonderful ornaments with personalized messages, you could put up a classroom Christmas tree to hang them on before all the children leave for the holidays.

Custom Bookmarks

Nothing is more comforting than a personalized gift, especially when it’s something you use or look at often. What could be more special than having a custom-made bookmark?

This might even encourage the students to read and study even more. A custom bookmark encompasses the love of education, reading, teaching, and learning all in one. It’s the perfect gift from a teacher to a student; every time they look at it, they’ll remember when you were proud of them. It’s a heartwarming gift.

For a gift as specific as this, you might need to check with wholesale bulk school supplies distributors directly so you can get what you need in a timely fashion.

Card Games

We all enjoy taking time off for rest and relaxation, and so do students. If you want to give your students something fun they can do while also educating themselves, educational card games make a great gift. They’re enjoyable and they also proactively motivate your students to rigorously study in the future. When they play educational card games, they can relax and enjoy the holidays while simultaneously getting excited for when school starts again.

Hot Cocoa

Nothing says it’s the holidays like cups of hot cocoa. This is something the entire class can enjoy together. Talking about fun things while sipping hot cocoa and bonding as a group makes great memories, which is important for relational growth and social maturity. You could also use this time to teach the kids how to make their own hot cocoa at home. Then, they’ll be able to drink it any time they want or even serve it to family and friends!

Holiday Cookies

The holidays and delicious cookies are practically synonymous with one another. As such, a large batch of warm, sweet cookies would be the perfect holiday-themed gift for your class. Additionally, holiday cookie decorating sets would make an excellent second gift so the class can personalize the cookies and use the decorating sets for more cookies in the future.

After they’ve decorated the cookies, they can share them with one another. It might also be a good idea to label them so all the children know what they are before they eat them. Before you make the cookies, ask if anyone has any food allergies. Based on their responses, you’ll know whether you should include or stay away from certain ingredients that could harm them.

Homework Pass

All students long for the opportunity to get out of an exam or quiz—and they especially long to get out of doing homework. Having a load of homework every day is daunting, so it’s nice to take a break from time to time. So, by gifting students with a homework pass, they now have the freedom to choose when they want to take their break from their studies.

Game Time

Gaming time in school is a dream come true for many students. Arrange a day for games such as Friday or Monday. As their instructor, you could orient all the games to center around their different school subjects. This way, they will study as they normally would, but now with a more positive and energetic flare with no penalty. You could even situate game time as something to do throughout the day to help to change gears.

Popcorn and a Movie

Holiday movies are a wonderful, fun, and nostalgic part of the holidays. Why not enjoy classic holiday films with your students? Reserve a day for holiday movies and spend the afternoon watching everyone’s favorites. You could get popcorn for everyone, too. It’ll be a fantastic activity all the students will love, and the cheerful, heartwarming movies will fill them with holiday spirit.

Free Time

Sometimes all we need is just a little fresh air. Similar to arranging a hall pass or homework pass for your students, arrange a pass for free time or schedule some free time on the day right before they’re let out for the holidays. Again, this is to show your appreciation for their cooperation and all the homework they did. Having some free time will allow them to decompress and know all their hard work throughout the school year was worth it.

There are no limits to how creative you can get when it comes to gifting school children during the holiday season. Get creative and give them gifts they’ll love while showing your appreciation for them.

One of the most inexpensive gift ideas for students during the holidays you can give is your gratitude. Make it clear you’re grateful for them and they’ll feel uplifted for the rest of the holidays. No matter what activity you decide to do with them or gift you decide to give them, you’ll all have a great time as long as you’re together enjoying yourselves. When you express gratitude for them, they will feel grateful for you.

Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Students During the Holidays