5 Essential Classroom Supplies To Donate To Schools in Need

When you think about things that schools need to operate, it can get a little overwhelming. First, you may think about the needs of the classroom, but then you must break that down further. Once you do, you realize that the students and the teachers hold different roles in the classroom itself, and now you have a host of essential items to choose from. Let’s break down the five essential classroom supplies to donate to schools in need so that we can decide which items are most crucial to academic success.

Backpacks and Bags

This may not come as a surprise to you, but bags and backpacks make the top of the list. There is no more essential item that should be a part of a school system than bags and backpacks. This is how students and teachers can carry all their studies, books, assignments, and personal belongings around with them along. Without these items, navigating school would not be possible for most people. If you look into wholesale distribution, you might be able to find a large swath of wholesale character backpacks that will ensure no one ever goes without a backpack again.

Sanitation Items

As you go through the day, you will be in contact with many people. Anyone could be harboring a cold or illness, so it’s good practice to sanitize frequently. This means practicing personal hygiene and sanitizing everything that you touch. This might be something that your educational institution notes in their policy or something that teachers educate their students on and make a daily ritual in between class periods.

Notebooks, Paper, and Binders

Teachers and students use paper products daily to take notes or document lessons. Paper is the first thing that a student is likely to need or ask for after a pencil and eraser, so there can never be enough of it laying around. In the event that a student does have their own notebooks, the school should always have notebooks and paper on reserve.

Calculators and Rulers

These two items are used more than most people would like to admit. As classes expand throughout the grades, students begin to use these items in their science, math, and vocational classes. Having a calculator and ruler with you is always a good idea because you never know when you might need them

Pens, Pencils, and Erasers

Along with paper, schools need quality writing utensils. Although pens get the job done and tend to stand out, they sometimes bleed too quickly or not at all, which is no good. Pencils, on the other hand, can be managed much better and tend to come with erasers, which pens do not. You can never have enough #2 pencils on hand, so this might be something worth investing in.

These items can and will be used by instructors and students alike, making them among the top five essential classroom supplies to donate to schools in need. If you stick to this list, classes and schoolwork can continue seamlessly.