Blank vs. Character Backpacks: Which Are Best To Donate?

Making a donation of any kind is better than not doing so at all, but when it comes to donating backpacks, you may need to think more critically about the items you are donating.

Children are attracted to things they can relate to, such as cartoon characters, which is one reason character backpacks can be a good thing to donate to charities. However, not all adults enjoy character backpacks as much as children do, and many would likely prefer a blank backpack instead. So, which is best to donate: blank or character backpacks? We’ll help you answer that question.

Blank Backpacks

Blank backpacks offer a sense of neutrality that other backpacks don’t provide. They don’t represent anything, which means they are acceptable to all.

This gives them a significant advantage, as anyone can pick up a blank backpack and put it to use. Character backpacks might not feature everything a person needs, depending on the quality of the backpack. Usually, if the gear is neutral, there is more focus on compartments and space within the bag to store things as intended.

Character Backpacks

This particular backpack style targets a certain audience: children. However, donating wholesale character backpacks isn’t a bad idea because there are children out there who need bags and want to feel just as accepted and ready for school as their peers.

With a new character backpack that represents their favorite superhero or character from their favorite television show, they will have the opportunity to show off their personality. They bond with their classmates and make lasting friendships by finding a common interest in the characters on their backpacks.

Quality Comes First

Regardless of whether the backpacks are blank or feature characters, any backpack you donate should be high-quality. People need resources that they can use long-term and that won’t break within the first few weeks or days. When donating, ensure you’re giving something that will hold up and be truly useful to those who come to own the item.

If you’re struggling to decide which is best to donate, character or blank backpacks, know that your donations are always equal and appreciated. Any time you donate, you make a difference in someone’s life.