10 Reasons Why Fanny Packs Are the Greatest Bags Ever

With fanny packs on the rise again, partially as nostalgia but also as a surging global fashion trend, there are many reasons why you need a fanny pack. Here are the ten reasons why fanny packs are the greatest bags ever so you can truly appreciate all that they are capable of and just how cool they truly are to own.

Music Festival Survival

When you’re out in the summertime listening to your favorite bands play at the music festival you’ve planned to attend for months, you’ll want to be prepared. This isn’t just some regular concert where you can go out to eat after it’s over and go home. This event will last for days on end, so you’ll want to ensure you have all the necessary provisions to get you through it. Things like lip balm, sunscreen, sunglasses, snacks, first aid, chargers and batteries, and hygiene products are all things that you might need out in the blistering sun.

Making It Back as a Trend

Fanny packs might have been a thing of the past, indicative of only sporty moms and hip dads, but today, they reign supreme among everyone. The fanny pack has slowly but surely made its way back into mainstream media as being one of the trendiest all-around items you can wear. Where it might have been something to laugh about in the past, your fanny will earn only praise and compliments these days.

All-Around Perfect Bag for Kids

This could not be any better combination than it is for kids and their needs. From snacks to entertainment, children can carry their world wherever they go with a fanny pack. All the different shapes and sizes currently available make them customizable to the daily needs of the child.

For New Moms on the Go

After having a new baby, a mother’s job is a 24/7 duty. With that, moms need all the provisions they can get to help them and the baby. Once things settle down and you get into a routine, everything becomes more accessible, but even then, moms still need things to help them care for their children. Having a fanny pack could be the most helpful thing a new mother could have on her for this responsibility.

Pet Supply Bag for Long Hikes

If you’re an active person, then chances are you have pets. If you’re a dog owner, you know that it’s time to go when they start making the moves toward the door. If you’re living in an urban place, or you like to let them roam free if you’re living rural, it is always a great idea to have certain items to help your dog along the way as you trek through the wilderness. Treats, bottled water, and toys are necessities for your canine family members when you’re out and about.

Can Be Worn Anywhere

Fanny packs have gained a certain level of fame that most people can relate to. This opens up the possibility of wearing them with anything. You can wear them casually on an outing or even to work, as long as they are dress-appropriate and color-coordinating.

Stealth Is What They Do Best

One of the fanny pack’s most excellent features is how small and convenient it is. You can tuck it away behind your waist, or you can throw it over your shoulder. And because it’s hands-free, most people never even notice it on. Some police officers undercover use these bags for weapons and ammunition, and others use them to smuggle candy and snacks into movie theaters—but the world is your oyster! There is no limit to the amount of stealth you can pull off with a fanny pack at your side.

Special Airline Conditions

Another great benefit of owning a fanny pack is that it isn’t considered online luggage on any airline worldwide. This is great for people who suffer from medical disabilities, or those who need treatment and care often. This is a massive benefit if you want to carry a few personal belongings that you can’t live without, but which would otherwise require you to bring a hefty bag. Carrying a fanny pack alleviates that problem, and you can travel comfortably without worries.

Hands-Free Comfort

Just like being in the comfort of your own home, fanny packs provide you with the amenities that you would have at home on the go. From a handheld fan to a handheld console, headphones for your smartphone, extra clothing, or even your favorite book, the fanny pack offers many versatile uses. With the right bum bag supplier, you’ll be en vogue with the best once you have your own fanny pack.

They Make Great Medical Kits

Whether or not you have a medical condition, you should always be prepared for anything that could happen; this is especially true while traveling. Many people have conditions that require them to carry medical supplies with them to aid in the event of an emergency, and also to keep themselves regulated.

One prime example of this are diabetic patients. Due to the nature of their condition, diabetic patients can become unstable if their blood sugar levels are elevated or decreased. If elevated, they will need insulin, which they should be taking with them so that they can administer the drug at any time. Likewise, if their blood sugar gets too low, they should keep emergency sugary supplements to help them in an emergency to get their sugars back to a normal functioning level.

Other things like extra medical supplies such as syringes, medical gauze, band-aids, antibiotic creams for infections, and alcohol swabs can all be easily carried in fanny packs. No matter where you go, you will always need supplies with you, and this is exceptionally true of medicine. Whether or not you have a medical condition, you can’t afford to be out in public unprepared for a medical emergency.

So, these have been ten reasons why fanny packs are the greatest bags ever. And they truly are the greatest bags from the point of fashion and practicality.

10 Reasons Why Fanny Packs Are the Greatest Bags Ever