Best Classroom Supplies To Donate to Middle School Students

Middle school is an interesting time for children; they’re more mature than primary schoolers but not yet mature enough for high school. Therefore, teachers must have some leniency with how and what to teach.

This also affects what specific supplies students need to carry with them to class each day. Therefore, we have put together the best classroom supplies to donate to middle school students for your convenience.

Classroom Library Books

For most students, middle school is a time for growth and development. This is a transitionary phase where students go from learning the basics of all the general humanities to now applying them on a basic level.

This means that middle schoolers do a lot of reading and discussion. They still have tests and papers, but reading is huge because there are textbooks for every subject.

When teachers have a classroom library, they allow students to extend their curiosity outside of what they have already learned to discover new truths and insights. That’s why books are a perfect donation item. Teachers can also include textbooks for the class in that library in case a student forgot one of their textbooks or doesn’t have one.

Notebook Crates

Many middle school teachers will give their students homework assignments separate from their schoolwork. This is to ease the student’s load and the teacher’s stress levels.

However, teachers can’t hold middle schoolers responsible for every notebook and sliver of paper that has their name on it. Therefore, having classroom notebook crates is a creative way for teachers to keep the class organized.

Teachers do this by having their students put each notebook in their respective crates at the end of each subject. Then, they can turn in all their notebooks at the end of the day. This will prepare the teacher and the students for the next school day and prevent students from losing their work.

Dry Erase Markers and Erasers

It seems like there are never enough dry-erase markers or erasers, no matter how many different classes students attend throughout their time in school. These are crucial because the entire learning environment centers around the dry erase board. There may be cases where classrooms have implemented digital boards, but overall, dry erase boards have been the standard for decades.

Notepads and Organizers

Without these handy little helpers, we couldn’t keep ourselves straight in middle school. In this case, planners and notepads are extremely affordable and will help students manage their classes and schedule so that they never miss another note.

They are also a great study material to have on standby for those notes that students need for the next history test coming up. Planners help them keep track of tests and pop quizzes, so they can study their notes as needed.


Because there is so much reading, writing, and studying going on while in school, it can be challenging to keep pace with what’s going on without mile markers. It’s easy enough for students to pick up on their studies with notes and notebooks because they can reference where they left off writing. However, it’s another matter altogether for books.

Therefore, it’s essential that teachers have tons of bookmarks on hand in the classroom at all times so that no student feels left behind with their reading. With so many subjects and textbooks, it would be impossible to keep up without bookmarks.


When there are crucial events, subjects, or specific information that teachers slow down when explaining and expect students to memorize and know, this is when the highlighters come out. The more that students notate, the better they will remember the information. It’s also a wonderful way to reference information as they read along. This makes their reading experience faster. Therefore, teachers who offer their students highlighters can help them prepare for examinations and improve their reading speed. This makes highlighters an essential tool to have.

Writing Paper

Teachers and students can never have enough writing paper. With all the home and school assignments, tests, quizzes, projects, and journals that students are subject to daily, there is never a time when they don’t need paper.

So this is a necessary instrument for ensuring that all children in the classroom have a fair advantage at learning without falling behind. If you want to donate basic items like these, you might want to find retailers that sell wholesale bulk school supplies so that you can get the bang for your buck.

Pencils and Sharpeners

We all have preferences between pens and pencils; however, having a pencil is key to a student’s success when they are still in middle school. They can make as many mistakes as they need to and erase them with ease. This takes the stress out of writing because they can make the corrections as necessary.

Gel Pens and Erasable Pens

Some children love assorted colors and gel pens, which offer a smooth script that is appealing to the eyes. Plus, there are erasable pens, so students can now transition to writing with pens at an early age without having to worry about white-out or starting from scratch.

Colored Cards

Teachers use colored cards for all kinds of learning methods. The most popular method is memorization, where teachers may write something on one side of the card, such as a term or an object, and give clues on the opposite side or a definition. Many English teachers use this technique to work on vocabulary.

Stamps and Stickers

Kids of all ages love to receive rewards for their good deeds, and teachers love giving rewards. So any time that teachers see their students doing an exceptional job, that calls for celebration and reward. The best part is stickers never get old, no matter the students’ ages.

If you didn’t know what the best classroom supplies to donate to middle school students were before, you should know now. This has been a comprehensive list of all the necessities that go into middle school learning. These supplies can help both teachers and students succeed throughout the whole school year.

Best Classroom Supplies To Donate to Middle School Students