4 U.S. Charities To Donate to That Support Children in Need

Many people don’t realize that, even in a world power like the United States, there are children starving and in desperate need of medical, financial, and educational assistance. Just like everywhere else in the world, there is poverty in the U.S., and it’s becoming more present every day.

For those who feel the desire to help these children get a good start in life, we’ve assembled a list of four U.S. charities to donate to that support children in need.

Save the Children

This charity focuses on the many different social services connected to child poverty and abuse cases throughout the country and around the world. It advocates for the child’s rights and seeks to prioritize children’s well-being, nourishment, education, and safety.

No one should ever fear for their life in their own home, so consider donating to a cause that could change a child’s life for the better.

Children’s Health Fund

Everyone deserves proper health care, but many children who live in poverty aren’t in the position to see a doctor regularly. The Children’s Health Fund serves low-income families lacking the resources to care for themselves or their families.

Not everyone can afford health care, but children often need it the most, so put them first and select a charity like this that can help a child live their best life.

Child Find of America

As the name suggests, this charity works to find abducted children all throughout the U.S. Child abductions happen constantly worldwide, but many people don’t realize that it happens so frequently right in our own backyard. Organizations like this one need support to battle these awful crimes.

Children Incorporated

This organization helps underprivileged children in as many different ways as it possibly can, including education, nourishment, tuition assistance, and clothing donations. This one truly is an award-winner of a charity.

Whatever charity you wish to go with, know that your money is making an incredible impact on these children’s lives. These are children who desperately need and deserve a fresh start in life, just as everyone does. In many cases, their families struggle to provide the most basic items for health and education—even with something as simple as backpacks and school supplies.

So these organizations help to alleviate some of that stress to keep these kids healthy and happy. And those are just four U.S. charities that support children in need. Again, there are tons of organizations you can support that work to help disparaged youth and impoverished families.