8 Donation Items Women’s Shelters Really Need

When donating to any shelter, you first should cover all the basic needs. If clothing, hygiene, and food necessities are met, you can then look into donating other things. Here are eight donation items women’s shelters need to get you started.

Underwear and Socks

Everyone needs clean underwear and socks, especially women who don’t have permanent residences and may not be able to afford laundromat services. Ensuring women in shelters have access to these important garments is always needed and appreciated.

A Variety of Toiletries

Toiletries are essential to maintaining general hygiene and health. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, sunscreen, soap, shampoo, conditioner, dental floss, and lotion are all useful items to donate. And because toiletries are necessary for everyday care, shelters can always benefit from donations of this kind.

T-Shirts and Pajamas

Comfortable clothing is just as important as everyday apparel. Women in shelters need clothing of all kinds, from casual to professional to leisurely. Providing clothing to relax and sleep in gives these women more autonomy over their appearance and provides them a small but meaningful comfort.

Wipes and Toilet Paper

Having these items always on hand is important for health and self-care. Shelters can always benefit from donations of sanitary wipes and toilet paper, as they are essential items for preserving sanitation. Furthermore, being able to feel and stay clean can help improve mental well-being, which is particularly important for women facing difficult circumstances.

General Cosmetics

It may not seem like cosmetics are essential, but they go a long way in fostering autonomy and well-being. After all, if a person feels confident in their appearance, that confidence can manifest good in many areas of their life. Consider donating basic makeup items—such as mascara, blush, and lipstick—or other cosmetic tools—such as curling irons, face masks, and tweezers.

Gas and Bus Cards

Women who don’t currently have permanent residences will need to travel frequently, which can pose a financial concern. By donating gas and bus cards, you can empower women to travel whenever they want to, as they won’t have to walk everywhere or rely on others.

Cellular Devices

Cellular devices are necessary for contacting friends, family, and emergency services. Furthermore, potential employers also need a means of contacting candidates about jobs. Providing women’s shelters with phones can give the women access to these important abilities.

School Supplies

Many women in shelters have school-aged children who need school supplies. Because buying these supplies can be a financial strain for many of these women, donations are always needed and appreciated. Just a few options you could consider donating are writing utensils, calculators, notebooks, and backpacks. For larger donations, you can buy certain supplies in bulk, such as from a school backpack supplier that sells wholesale.

With these eight donation items women’s shelters really need, you can donate confidently. Donating any of these supplies will make a difference in one or many of these women’s lives.