7 Amazing Ways Your Church Can Serve the Community

Whether planting a church, taking over a ministry, or working alongside another pastor, you will find that the more members of your church, the more you can bless the world. There are so many wonderful things churches do to provide for their communities. Still, they are always thinking of new ways to demonstrate the good of biblical-based living by bettering the lives of others. Here are seven amazing ways your church can serve the community today, so you can get involved.

Serving the Community With Events

There are plenty of events that your church can use to gain a following in the community, but seasonal events are among the best, especially for little children. Now that spring is coming soon, planning an Easter egg hunt with a BBQ is a great way to engage people of all ages in your community. You can also do a seasonal event in the summertime by hosting pool parties or movie nights. As an idea, you could set up projectors on church grounds for children and parents to come out and enjoy a family-friendly movie in the nice summer weather.

Make these events open to both church members and the general community. And ensure everyone who attends gets a pamphlet with your church’s service hours, or take a moment to announce this information at the start and end of the event.

Organizing Vacation Bible School

Hosting vacation Bible school (VBS) is another popular way to serve your community, especially among the youth. Typically done in the summer, VBS gives parents a break by providing daily events for a week straight that children can attend. While at VBS, children learn healthy disciplines that the church teaches through activities that encourage team building and compassionate living. Bible study happens frequently, but there is also much room for the children to play and have fun. On top of this, VBS provides food for the children attending, which parents always appreciate. To go the extra mile in supporting your community, your church might even think of sending home all the children with wholesale backpacks and school supplies. This will prepare them for the coming school year and take a weight off their parents’ shoulders.

Volunteering With Local Charities

Having your church volunteer with local charities is an excellent way to make a difference in your community. Whether your church helps at a food bank, participates in city cleanup, or spends time with seniors in nursing homes, it will be demonstrating God’s love to your community.

These acts of service appeal to people looking for a new church home or families just moving into the area. They also make individuals feel welcomed and safe in your church and their community. Ultimately, when people see a church volunteer, it makes them want to be a part of it, which is how the church survives and thrives.

Working Alongside Sports Teams

Another great way to serve your community’s youth is by supporting local parks to provide the kids with what they need for their sports teams. One way to do this is by donating money to buy jerseys and equipment. Alternatively, members of your church could volunteer their time by coaching.

Coaching could even be an opportunity to minister to the team. This ministering doesn’t have to involve direct speeches about what it means to be spiritual and holy. In fact, a better way to minister in this role would be to demonstrate qualities of Christian living, such as good sportsmanship and temperance. This way, you can strengthen your team with good values while demonstrating God’s love through how you coach.

Keeping Open Arms

Perhaps counterintuitively, one of the most attractive things about a church and its role in the community is its steady, open-armed presence. Therefore, a passive way for your church to serve your community is to simply leave the doors open. This doesn’t necessarily mean leaving the physical doors of your church building unlocked, though it could.

What is more important is cultivating a church culture that everyone in the community knows is welcoming. Let people know that your church is always there for them, whether they want to attend a service, get counseling, or talk with a pastor. Take the pressure off your community and simply be present and ready to accept anybody with open arms. This is a powerful and encouraging presence to offer your community.

Engaging With the Community Daily

A good ministry is one that serves people, and perhaps the simplest and best way to do this is by talking with and getting to know members of the community. Don’t preach—just engage. Talk with people, build relationships, and get to know their stories. When you do this, people will understand the love God can offer, as they will feel heard and appreciated as an individual.

There is a richness that comes from relationships, which is what ministry is truly all about. Serving the people means being kind and open with everyone, so they can understand that all who wish to be loved and cared for can and will be. By engaging with your community and developing relationships with everyone in it, you create a support system that people can rely on in hard times. And having this support system will help your community see and appreciate the ways Christian living seeks to love and serve everyone.

These are just seven amazing ways your church can serve the community, but there are limitless ways that you can show God’s love to humanity. The church stands for love and grace, so any word or action that demonstrates this to people is a way for your church to serve the community. Whether your church volunteers time, money, or energy to support people financially, practically, or emotionally, you will be making a difference. On top of this, people in your community will notice and develop positive feelings toward your church, which could also lead to positive feelings toward God. Stay diligent in love and service, and you will notice the impact it will have on your community.

7 Amazing Ways Your Church Can Serve the Community