Winter Clothing Items To Donate

When you compile your to-do list this holiday season, consider adding “donate.” Winter is a harsh season for those without stable living conditions. Donated winter clothing helps shelters provide for more people in need. Give the gift of warmth this year by donating essential winter items for those less fortunate. Below, we provide a list of winter clothing items to donate to kickstart your charitable giving this holiday season.


Could you imagine going all winter without a clean pair of warm socks? For some people, this is an unfortunate reality. Socks are among the least-donated items, yet they’re among the highest in demand. Donate multiple pairs of fresh and unused socks so that shelters can offer clean, dry socks to their patrons.

Winter Boots

Many people throw out shoes without considering them for donation. If you have gently used shoes that are winter-compatible, donate them to your local shelter or thrift shop. Winter boots are highly durable. When you replace an old pair, chances are they still have years of use to go. Look through your closet for shoes and boots that would be beneficial to a shelter.


Coats and heavy jackets are essential winter clothing items to donate. Access to a warm coat during the winter can be the determinant factor to whether someone gets sick in cold weather. Valuable winter coats have significant longevity. If you or someone in your family outgrows their jacket, bring it to your local shelter after a quick dry-cleaning.

Hats and Gloves

The demand for all winter accessories goes up as cold weather comes. Hats, gloves, scarves, and mittens are among the accepted winter clothing items for homeless shelters and secondhand stores. Hands and feet are the most susceptible to frostbite, making it imperative that they stay as warm as possible in the winter. Help those who are homeless protect themselves from the cold by ridding your home of extra gently used winter clothing accessories.

All Shapes and Sizes

People of all shapes and sizes approach shelters looking for winter clothing resources. When purchasing items to donate or packing up old clothes, consider a wide range of ages and sizes for the clothing. Whenever possible, it is best to donate gender-neutral clothing for easier shelter distribution.

Clothes for small children and babies are especially important because they are some of the most susceptible to cold weather and its risks. Donate clothes of their size so that shelters can protect little ones, too.

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