What To Include in Hygiene Kits for Homeless Shelters

We can’t possibly know everything that the homeless community needs because so many have specific requirements. However, what we can do is be on the lookout for the most important things that will help them survive and feel healthy and wholesome during the winter. When we think about what to give to them, we need to focus on what to include in hygiene kits for homeless shelters. This will ensure they will have their needs met even in the harshest winter conditions.

Soap and Shampoo

Soap and shampoo are two items no one should ever live without. They can be stored away easily and last for a very long time if used correctly. Because homeless people tend to stay on the move, invest in dry shampoo to add to their kits for those times when they must go long periods without bathing. Bathing daily is a privilege, but when you’re outside all the time, it becomes more of a necessity than ever before. Imagine getting clean only to get dirty or sweaty immediately afterward. Such circumstances takes bathing to another level of priority altogether.

Toothpaste and Toothbrush

Oral hygiene is vital to a person’s health. Without oral hygiene, you can suffer from things ranging from mild annoyances to complications as serious as a heart attack and stroke. So, it’s always a good idea to take care of your mouth. Because toothpaste and toothbrushes are compact and easy to carry, you can stay fresh wherever you go. There’s no need to remain dirty if you don’t have to.

Additionally, hygiene can affect a person’s interactions with others. A dirty person gives off a different first impression compared to someone who is clean. Therefore, giving the homeless the ability to meet their daily needs could potentially give them networking opportunities. They could make lives for themselves without revealing their status.

Feminine Hygiene Products

Ladies need to remain fresh and clean just like men do, so don’t forget to include feminine hygiene products. You never know when you might need some freshening up—so extend the same chance at hygiene to people who are less fortunate to access it.

However, when shopping for these items, don’t get into specifics. Be generic as possible. Choose things that are bought frequently, like wholesale hygiene products. Get things with the best ratings. Ask your general clerk about the levels of popularity of different products to find out what works the best despite name brands and prices.

Deodorant and Aftershave

Deodorant and aftershave are a must for everyone. Some deodorants can stay effective for up to three to four days without reapplication. And aftershave isn’t always just for shaving. Sometimes, we simply like to smell clean and be our best.

Make sure you’re paying close attention to the types and brands so you can ensure the recipient will have the ability to stay fresh and clean for long periods without worry.

Razor and Shaving Cream

Being clean-shaven can do wonders for the confidence of someone of lesser means. Shaving items on the lower end of the price point can be nice if you know what you’re shopping for. You can cut back a beard with a disposable razor and not suffer the consequences of razor burn or cutting. Even disposable razors have shown promise because they’re so well made.

Shaving cream is a bonus. It’s a real life-saver when your skin is dry, and you need a quick, smooth shave.

Nail Clippers

From a medical standpoint, keeping your nails trimmed helps to cut back on bacteria, germs, and viruses. As such, nail clippers offer simple, profound satisfaction when they’re given to someone who may not normally have access to them.

If there’s no overhanging nail to trap dirt, then it’s harder to stay dirty. Longer nails are also more susceptible to cracking and splitting. This could result in the loss of a nail or even an infection if it’s bad enough. Considering these advantages, make sure to include a nice set of clippers in each bag.

Disposable Washcloths

When you’re rushing to get somewhere, sometimes there’s simply no time to get ready. However, that’s small potatoes compared to what homeless people go through when they want to wash up—because they can’t. They don’t have easy access to things such as disposable washcloths or even baby wipes. Both of these are incredibly useful if you don’t have the means to access anything else. Some wipes are so thorough you can get almost as clean as you would if you took a shower. Put them in your bags for the homeless and the recipient will surely be grateful and delighted to have them.

Mouthwash and Dental Floss

People sometimes misunderstand that brushing your teeth is only part of the equation when it comes to oral health. Brushing helps remove the excess debris and prevents the food particles from accumulating plaque and tarter. Keeping your bacteria levels down is even more important. This is where mouthwash and dental floss come in handy.

When you use mouthwash, you kill off lots of nasty things that are ruining your mouth and teeth. Flossing is equally as important as brushing because you can remove rotting pieces of food. It’s important to floss constantly.

Considering that dental hygiene is vital to people who are well-off, it’s even more important to homeless people. A clean mouth will delay cavities and other tooth troubles, so they’ll avoid major mouth pain. Having a clean mouth, fresh breath, and white teeth can help them find employment because it’ll boost the impression others have of them.

This year, do good by giving back to local homeless shelters. You won’t be disappointed that you made the extra effort to keep someone happy and healthy. Take precautions when you make your donation; use the list provided to know what to include in hygiene kits for homeless shelters. This way, you won’t miss out on giving them the essentials.

What To Include in Hygiene Kits for Homeless Shelters