Top Tips for Organizations To Donate Bulk School Supplies

As a company that is in the business of giving and donating to charity, you must take certain steps before making your donation to ensure it can be properly accepted the way that you intended. Here are just a few top tips for organizations to donate bulk school supplies.

Go Mobile

The fastest way to get through to people or other communities is by getting on the move. That may sound simple, but if you organize community drive-ins where you give away to those in need, people will likely be receptive.

From there, you can move from place to place, making your charity a reality. Additionally, if you put yourself online and allow the people to see where you will be, then you have already won half the battle. You will have brought those in need to you, enabling you to meet your goals and exceed them.


It’s important that your business does not overcomplicate things. There’s no underlying condition as to why you want to give back to the community except that you want to see all the children succeed in school and go on to be college graduates. Make sure your message is straightforward and clearly states that your interest is in improving the well-being of the kids. Make it clear that through the donation of wholesale school supply kits, you hope to make an impact.

Be Transparent

The best thing you can do is be as transparent as you can when donating to charities, but don’t forget to also support yourself. Give some background information about your company and yourself so people can get to know you and see that you are as affirming and genuine just as you present yourself to be. Having a simple conversation and a handshake means more to many people than a hard sell any day.

Donations to foundations of your choice are the single most selfless thing that you could do. Making regular donations shows your organization’s level of honesty and tenacity. Just being there with the people is one of the top tips for organizations to donate bulk school supplies. Consider these tips the next time you have the means to give back.