Tips for Helping Migrants in Your Community

Migrants travel to new places for better working and living conditions. Welcoming new people is a community effort, and you can improve resettling with helpful strategies. Look at these tips for helping migrants in your community now!

Educate Yourself About Resettlement

Social media and politics can spread misinformation about migrants and the resettlement process. Unfortunately, stereotypes make it harder for migrants to find shelter in the U.S. Educating yourself about resettlement is the first step toward helping people in your community. Learn why migrants must settle in your area so you can empathize with their situation.

Connect with resettlement agencies to learn about the housing process, job search procedures, and how resources support migrants. When you learn about people and understand their backgrounds, you can better welcome them to your community.

Donate Goods to Resettlement Agencies

Resettlement agencies provide temporary housing for migrants. But depending on the number of migrants, their resources are scarce. You can donate goods like kitchen supplies, bedding, cleaning products, and personal hygiene items to agencies. Purchase bulk toiletries for homelessness and create care packages for migrants. Your generosity can help facilities serve migrants without straining their budget!

Support Medical Care

Help migrants in your community by supporting medical care. Many migrants come from countries with severe food and medical shortages. When they arrive in your community, many need medical assistance. Fortunately, some health organizations support migrants without insurance. They provide primary care physicians, dentists, specialists, and more.

If you have a medical background, consider volunteering at the organization. If you don’t have experience, sign up for roles like interpreters or medical record assistants. You can also donate money to facilities so they can purchase medicine and extra supplies.

Volunteer at Soup Kitchens

The need for soup kitchens increases when migrants enter your community, and some organizations can’t handle the influx of people. Volunteer at soup kitchens and assist facilities with meal prep, serving, and cleanup. Organizations work hard to provide migrants with healthy meals, and they rely on volunteers to fulfill their mission. Ask other community members to volunteer with you! The more people, the greater the impact on the facility.

Support Child Migrants

Moving to a new country is challenging, especially for children. As their parents navigate the resettling process, kids need a space to engage with each other and familiarize themselves with the area. You can support child migrants by donating toys and books to facilities. Consider sponsoring outings like trips to the museum or local attractions. Ultimately, it’s all about helping kids transition to the new area with fun activities.