The Ultimate Guide To Wholesale Drawstring Bags

Everyone has an assortment of necessities that they carry along with them daily. This calls for something to tote your things around in a stylish fashion without sacrificing excessive packing, which can weigh you down. This ultimate guide to wholesale drawstring bags explores why this type of bag—which you can use for every occasion throughout the year—is an essential addition to your closet.


It’s important to know what you will be using your wholesale drawstring backpack for, as there are different varieties out there, all made to suit different needs. For instance, sportier bags are usually made from a lighter-weight material like polypropene or nylon. It’s not a good idea to go with polypropylene for larger loads.

When you need to carry more items, you would be best off with a nylon or canvas bag. Now, if you’re going for a more outdoorsy style and will be roughing it in the country, a canvas bag will be your best bet. Unlike synthetic materials, this cotton mesh will hold up to the roughest and toughest environments.


The standard size for carrying around smaller objects, such as keys, electronics, or perhaps a notepad, is generally 14”x18”. That size can handle smaller weights well, especially when crafted from the right materials. For gym use or longer outings, it might be worth sizing up to 17”x20”, which can hold a significant number of items for those all-day excursions.

Larger bags would be ideal for books and heavier loads. If you are planning to carry heavier loads, we suggest choosing a bag made from canvas or nylon; bags that are intended for lighter loads would do well with polyester.

Longevity and Price

The traits of the bag will generally determine how it holds up to the elements. A top-of-the-line bag will usually last a very long time and hold up to the elements fairly well, though this does also depend on the material of the bag. For instance, a bag made from synthetic fabrics may very well last for years and hold up fairly well, but it may not be as suited for extreme applications as something higher end.

So, when choosing a drawstring bag, you will want to look at the quality of the bag to ascertain its usefulness and longevity. The size of the bag and its material will also determine what you can do with it. These key factors all play distinct roles in determining the best fit for your needs. We hope this ultimate guide to wholesale drawstring bags makes your decision-making process easier, no matter where your interests lie.