The Importance of Decluttering Your Home

Staying organized is a popular New Year’s resolution. There are several approaches to achieving this New Year’s ambition. One of the most substantial ways to get organized is to declutter—the importance of decluttering your home includes increased productivity and creativity to improved mental health. BackpacksUSA explores the benefits of decluttering and tips to organize your home and work areas.

The Health Benefits of Decluttered Space

The way we treat our environment is informative of our physical and mental health. A decluttered space can have compelling health benefits. Improved health is among the most highly regarded perks of cleaning your home.

Decreased Stress and Anxiety Levels

A cluttered home is likely to induce a cluttered mind. Unsorted spaces can promote stress and feel overwhelming. The more unnecessary things you keep around, the more likely you will be continuously reminded of avoided tasks. Excessive materials can cause sensory overload and produce anxiety. Fortunately, anxiety surrounding environment cleanliness can be prevented.

Going through your home items and sorting out the necessities helps conquer feelings of stress and anxiety. A more organized home encourages peace of mind. Tending to tasks right away curbs the anxiety that comes from piled-up chores and extensive to-do lists.

Get More Quality Sleep

A clean home is more likely to produce a sound mind. Because a decluttered home curtails tasks from piling up and overwhelming your mind, you will acquire higher quality slumber. To test the theory, start off by decluttering your bedroom. You are sure to notice a difference in sleep quality.

Cleans Allergens Out of Your Home

If you declutter your home frequently, it is going to be cleaner. Routine decluttering and cleaning decrease the presence of dirt, dust, and dander in your home. By decluttering, there are fewer materials to cling to that makes cleaning easier and more effective.

Clutter can worsen respiratory issues. The importance of decluttering your home is sure to be recognized by people who have asthma or allergies that are exacerbated by dust or dander particles.

Decluttering does more than just create an aesthetically pleasing environment; it can improve air quality by getting rid of debris, too. Maintain a cleaning schedule to rid your home of irritating allergens.

The Spatial Benefits of Decluttering Your Home

Ridding your home of unnecessary materials does not only appeal to your mental and physical health; it can boost your productivity, whether that be while working from home or on long overdue home projects.

More Space Increases Productivity and Creativity

When your home becomes overcrowded with materials, it can be difficult to focus. Boost your focus by removing items that distract or stress you out in your workspaces. When you can focus well, you may notice that you get more done. Less clutter promotes a clear mind, which in turn can enhance your creativity.

You Can Finally Tend To Home Projects

Has clutter stopped you from pursuing a home renovation project? One of the first steps to creating the home of your dreams is to declutter it. The fewer materials you have to move around to paint or redecorate a room, the more likely you are to do those things.

Ridding your home of several unnecessary items makes it easier to do occasional deep-cleans. With a decluttered space, you can also confidently host guests and reinvent your space.

Potential Financial Perks of Decluttering

If you plan accordingly, purging your home of excess materials can have some sweet financial perks, too. Discover the best ways to score additional benefits when decluttering your home.

Put Items Up for Resale

A garage sale is a popular approach to getting rid of household items. Garage sales are beneficial because they allow folks in your community to acquire quality materials at an affordable price.

Bring Items To Consignment Shops

Consignment shops are an easy way to score cash for items that would otherwise collect dust at home. Take an assortment of items that you plan to rid your home of. The consignment shop will offer to buy items from you based on their resale value and their demand.

Some consignment shops prefer to strike a deal based on proceeds. With the consignment shop buyer, you can determine a favorable percentage of the proceeds of your items.

Claim a Tax Deduction From Your Donations

Donating is an excellent incentive to declutter. Repurpose your materials to those who need them most by making a hefty donation post-declutter. When you make a sizable donation, be sure to ask for a receipt. This receipt can be used to claim a tax deduction come tax season.

You can accumulate donation receipts throughout the year to ensure your itemized deduction is greater than a standard tax deduction. Various charitable organizations accept electronics, clothing, and bulk kids' toys. Charitable organizations that accept donations make it possible to turn your decluttering into a feel-good moment.

How Can I Make Decluttering a Habit?

The common phrase “it takes 21 days to build a habit” may not ring true for everyone. Whatever the length of time it takes for you to acquire a positive habit, consider adopting the following cleaning patterns:

  1. Hang up or fold and put away clothes once you take them off. Put them away right after laundry, as well. If they are dirty, dispose of them in a laundry basket rather than the floor.
  2. Clean your dishes once you are done with your meal. This will prevent dish pileups and make the task less grueling. Try to keep your dishwasher empty more often by only leaving dishes in there for the allotted cleaning and drying time.
  3. Wipe down counters after use and before bed. This habit contributes to better cleanliness and health and is beneficial for high-traffic spaces like the kitchen and bathroom.
  4. File or recycle papers once you have determined whether they are important.
  5. Restore spaces’ order before calling it a night. This will be especially helpful for your work desk and office.
  6. Simultaneously clean your surrounding space when having a phone conversation. Headphones or speaker mode will help free your hands.

Implement your routine with these practices as proactive steps in your decluttering process. These organizational activities help you reap the health benefits of decluttered space. Be mindful of keeping both home and workspaces organized with the aforementioned tips.

Decluttering may seem like an overwhelming activity, but with adequate preparation, it can get done without a struggle. Document a declutter plan to keep yourself accountable. Segment your decluttering into small timeframes to make the process feel more attainable. Before and after photos are a great way to prove to yourself that you are capable of achieving substantial decluttering.


The Importance of Decluttering Your Home

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