The Health Benefits of Charitable Giving

Do the approaching holidays have you in a particularly charitable mood? As it turns out, following that inkling could help relieve stress, alongside many significant physical and psychological benefits, and benefiting those in need within your community. The health benefits of charitable giving are so palpable that you might just consider implementing a giving tradition over the holidays.

Positive Self-Image

Giving time or money to charity results in a more positive self-image. Not only does it foster personal growth and happiness but providing for those in need offers significant improvement of self-worth.

Donating is also a popular time for self-reflection, leading many givers to experience feelings of gratitude for their life. With the sometimes overwhelming “to-do” lists of the holidays, it is important to focus on what really enriches our lives. Helping those in need can truly have a mutual positive effect on yourself—it feels good to support others!

Physiological Perks

The health benefits of charitable giving have proven to be more than just surface-level happiness. There are a host of bodily measures that have proven to improve as a result of donating time or money. They include:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Lower stress levels
  • Less depression
  • Greater feelings of satisfaction

All of these factors impact our perceived quality of life. When added atop of your increased self-esteem, it’s hard to overlook the advantages of charitable giving. Not to mention the fact that donating even has the potential to impact your quantity of life, too.

Live Longer

Because it diminishes stress, giving to charity helps to manage various health issues associated with high stress levels. Donating with regularity throughout your life can keep additional health problems at bay, while increasing the positive impact made in your community.

The general happiness that we experience from giving is the result of an increase of “feel good” chemicals being released in our brains. This provides many mental health benefits, allowing for consistently better moods and likely healthier habits, establishing more value to donating than just philanthropic perks!

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