Supplies To Ask for When Hosting a School Drive

Hosting a school drive is a great way to support your community and young scholars. Whether you’re coordinating within an organization or leading the drive, a successful collection starts with a clear ask. This quick guide discusses essential supplies you should ask for when hosting a school drive.


Every student needs a sturdy backpack to carry their belongings. When requesting backpacks, ask for different-sized carriers. For example, request small bags for kindergarten students and large-sized bags for middle schoolers. You can also request a range of styles and colors to appease students.

Backpacks are also beneficial during a school drive because you can store supplies in the bags. Someone can purchase wholesale clear backpacks to ensure everyone receives a bag with school essentials.

Notebooks and Writing Tools

Notebooks and writing utensils are some of the most important school essentials. Therefore, you should ask for them at your school drive.

Request standard and specialized notebooks to accommodate specific classes. For instance, students may need graph paper notebooks for math class.

Moreover, request pens, pencils, highlighters, and markers. That way, scholars have various writing tools on hand.

Folders and Binders

Folders and binders organize assignments, homework, and important handouts. By keeping materials in order, students can find what they need quickly.

Ask participants to donate various colored (or pre-labeled) folders and binders. This can help younger students designate the tools for their classes.


Calculators support students’ education and mathematical comprehension. You can request basic and advanced calculators to better support scholars. In particular, some classes require graphing or scientific calculators for coursework. Keep in mind that some of these tools are expensive. So, you may receive a limited amount of them.

Cleaning Supplies

With heightened awareness of health and cleanliness, keeping classrooms hygienic is critical. Therefore, you should ask for cleaning supplies when hosting a school drive. Antibacterial wipes, hand sanitizers, and tissue boxes can keep the school environment and students healthier.

Encourage donors to give other cleaning essentials, such as disinfectant sprays, trash bags, and multi-surface cleaners. The tools can further support a clean and safe learning space for students.