Summer Fun: Ways To Give Back to Your Community

When you’re a kid, summer fun is going to as many events as possible and staying busy. However, when you’re older, helping run those events may give you the most pleasure, as you’ll be maintaining those traditions.

The ability to keep events going and see people having the same fun you grew up with is worth everything now. Here are just a few ways to give back to your community to help you get started.

Grow and Donate

You can certainly give back to your community by starting a community garden. These are beginning to catch on like wildfire. Anyone can come through and get what they need at no cost.

Though it’s not required, it’s helpful when people from the community come to help replant and tend to the garden if they are taking from it. Any extra produce goes to the local farmers market and is given away for free to the community.

While you’re giving away the extra produce, you could even visit the local homeless shelter and give out wholesale hygiene products to those in need. Bring along some of that fresh produce, and it will improve someone’s day.

Host a Neighborhood Cookout

One good way to volunteer and bring the community together is to have a cookout. You can post fliers and signs around town to prepare for it. Invite family, friends, and anyone else who wants to be a part of your summertime fun to come along too. To make it a success, ask people to volunteer to bring whatever they want to cook.

Make a potluck-style cookout where everyone can benefit from the festivities, and you will be sure to have a great time. You might reserve a spot at your local park in town or another scenic location to add to the fun.

Volunteer as a Lifeguard

Lifeguarding requires just a few weeks of training, and then you can get certified. You may get paid, but you don’t have to do it for money. Just volunteer to fill in for those unable to make it throughout the summer to help lighten everyone’s load.

You’ll still be able to get all the sun you want and even take a dip in the water every now and then. You’ll also ensure the safety and security of your community at your local pool.

There are many ways you can give back to your local community, so don’t limit yourself to the things on this list. This is just a rubric to get started and inspire those interested in getting out there and taking care of their community this summer. So, if you feel inclined to give back, why wait?