School Supplies Every Child Needs

In previous years, it was simple enough to follow a supply list from a child’s school when preparing for their next year of learning. Now, as school morphs into many different forms, including remote, in-person, or a hybrid of the two, it's more unknown what kids will need. To nail down the necessities, consider these school supplies that every child needs to get through whatever form school takes this year. If you can, consider donating these supplies to schools with students who would otherwise go without them.

In-Person Learning

While in-person schooling still largely looks like previous years, kids need a little extra prep this year, given the health risks posed by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Fun Masks

As students go back to their school building, they likely need an extra accessory—masks. Many schools mandate that everyone must wear a mask throughout the day to limit the chance that kids, classmates, teachers, and staff will catch the virus. Following these rules doesn’t need to be boring, though. Consider making or buying themed masks that your kids will want to wear. Find ones with a theme that matches their interests or make masks with cool colors and patterns.

A Backpack

Next up in this list of school supplies that every child needs is the item that holds everything else—the much-needed backpack. Students will need one that can house all of their regular supplies, plus masks, hand sanitizer, and other protective items that they need to keep handy. Backpacks USA stocks all kinds of vibrant and fun blank backpacks that kids would love and find infinitely useful.

Remote Learning

While there are many more in-person supplies worth a mention, let’s turn to supplies for remote-learning students.

A Desk

Schools provide desks for kids in the building, but those attending school from home don’t have a guaranteed spot to work at. Their parents must purchase a desk if they don’t have one, but this is no small expense for them. Every kid needs a reliable space to call their own, so they can focus on school. So, to give them that, get in touch with area schools. Offer to finance desks for families that don’t have much flexibility to buy one themselves.

Quality Headphones

A desk is nice, but it doesn’t protect kids from disruptive noises around the house as they work. One tool that would help is a quality set of noise-canceling headphones. These tune out barking dogs and the lawn mower outside and allow students to home in on their teacher’s instructions. This sort of gift to a school will garner thanks from families that receive them, and the teachers whose students use them will enjoy a more attentive class.

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