Our New Normal: Essential School Supplies Post Covid-19

The aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic is still out of reach, even though we now have the vaccine. With the Delta variant on the rise, we should remain vigilant, and this goes for school and work alike. Being out in public should mean taking extreme precautions, yet many people are not adhering to what the CDC has to say on the matter. In addition, millions of people remain unvaccinated by choice. Due to these extreme conditions, here are the essential school supplies post Covid-19 for children going back to school.

Hand Sanitizer or Anti-Bacterial Foam Soap

With how the pandemic has changed the world, it is essential that we teach our children the importance of hygiene and cleanliness. Having the necessary tools to combat this virus should be a parent’s priority. When in between classes, on the bus, at lunch, coming and going to the bathroom, or anytime where they might touch things excessively, students should be taught to use hand sanitizer. However, hand sanitizer is not the ultimate solution. Any medical doctor will tell you that the best thing to use is soap and hot water whenever possible. So, maybe those trips to the bathroom will call for hand washing. We mention carrying your own anti-bacterial kid-friendly foam soap to help reduce the risk of touching things in the bathroom and providing children with an alternate way of cleaning themselves outside of just using sanitizer.

Supply of Anti-Microbial Masks

Masks are unfortunately the new norm for the time being—at least until this pandemic can be taken seriously and things are under control. That time is indefinite, so all we can do for the time being is remain as vigilant as possible. With that, children should be taught to maintain a six-foot distance from other people and to always wear their masks in public. Children transmit disease faster than most people do because they are always touching things and people, and most do not handle guidelines very well unless under supervision.

Tissues and Disinfecting Wipes

The next line of defense includes tissues and disinfectant wipes. We should always cover our mouths when we cough, especially with such a deadly virus lingering just about everywhere we turn. A step beyond this is to use tissues to cover your mouth, so you don’t spread the virus into the air. This way, you can get all of the grime off with a tissue if you’re on the move and hand washing isn’t an option—which is most of the time for kids. Anyone could be a carrier, even if they don’t necessarily have the illness or symptoms, which increases the risk for those unvaccinated, children, and the immunocompromised. Another level of protection is to dispose of the tissue or disinfecting wipe after you’ve coughed or cleaned all you can.


This may be something of a controversial item, but it is necessary all the same. It is important that we are keeping track of our health and looking for signs of a fever. If we are properly teaching our children how to use their thermometer and to never share with anyone else, then it could serve as a great tool to keep themselves and everyone else protected. This way, if kids become feverish, they can be a step ahead and know long in advance. This way, they can advise their teachers or guardians of the situation and keep themselves quarantined until they get cleared by either the school nurse or a medical doctor.

Customized School Supplies

This should be on everyone’s list as the kids have to have their school supplies or wholesale school supply kits. The problem that comes with school supplies is that many kids get their things mixed up in classroom settings, and it is extremely easy to accidentally exchange supplies without realizing it. Therefore, if you get customized or specific school supplies, then it will be easy to identify what belongs to your child and what doesn’t. This will also keep the spread and possible contraction of the disease to a minimum, as children will touch fewer things.

Mask Extenders or a Mask Lanyard

It’s hard to get kids to abide by rules. If anything, they spend a great deal of time attempting to get around rules or just disobey them altogether. That’s where mask extenders and lanyards come in. What a great idea! Now, if they are in class and get tired of wearing their masks, they will at least be a safe enough distance away from their peers that they can have a little relief. And speaking of relief, having these mask extenders will prevent any ear or face chaffing that may come with constantly wearing a mask. Also, it will loosen the mask just enough for extra comfort and breathability.

Machine-Washable Backpack or Lunch Bag

Every mom should aim toward investing in washable gear for their children as much as possible—especially with backpacks and lunch bags. Having the ability to wash your kids’ things the moment they make it home keeps your family safe from contracting anything. So, now you can rest assured that your kids will come and go to school clean.

Ziplock Bags

Having ziplock bags on hand is great for a multitude of reasons. First, you can put your masks in them for safe-keeping. They can also hold soiled clothing and carry clean clothes in prior to use. It may also be a good idea to mark each bag so that your child can tell apart a clean from a dirty one. This will also be helpful for your child as they are looking through their things, or if they need to use any of these bags for such purposes.

Extra Change of Clothing

As stated above, you can never tell what the day might be like, especially now with the pandemic going on. It might be a great idea to have your child carry clean clothes with them every day in the event of an emergency. Now, your child can be ready at a moment’s notice with an extra set of clothing.

Baby Wipes

Finally, accidents can sometimes happen, so it is good to be prepared. Kids tend to get messy, and germs are inevitable as they are everywhere, so it’s best to be prepared. Therefore, it is a good idea to have the means to clean yourself just in case.

Amid the pandemic, we are still trying to function as we normally would, and part of that societal norm is having students attend school. If we choose to send our kids to school, then we should at least take great precautions, as endemics could pop up at any time. This is why having the essential school supplies post Covid-19 is so crucial for children headed back to school.

Our New Normal: Essential School Supplies Post Covid-19