Hygiene Kits Hit the Streets when Faced with Disaster.

2018 was full of natural disasters that left individuals and families without a home and nowhere to go. Fires in California destroyed thousands of homes, while the bitter cold in the north made it hard for those without shelter to survive. Hurricane Michael and Hurricane Florence struck the south and left many families wondering what to do next. Natural disasters can come at any time, but something as simple as a hygiene kit or bulk toiletries can keep individuals and families healthy and feeling like themselves, especially during hard times. When in the thick of a natural disaster, we often forget about the importance of basic necessities and how a simple hygiene kit could have a huge part in getting someone back on their feet.


Our Hygiene Kits

Our Hygiene Kits come in many different sizes that provide all the essential items those on the streets need when their homes are taken from a natural disaster. Our hygiene kits range from 5 pieces all the way up to 24 pieces. While most kits are gender neutral, we also offer men’s, women’s, and teen specific kits.Each Kit provides travel size necessities that are perfect for homeless shelters and those that have been forced out of their homes. Not only do we offer hygiene kits, we also offer wholesale hygiene supplies. These are perfect for shelters who serve hundreds of people a day and keep them off disaster struck streets. Simple bulk toiletries make individuals feel loved and cared for when they are facing hard times in life.


Stay Prepared in Your Own Home

Snowed in? Terrible thunder storms or extensive heat keeping you and your family inside? We recommend keeping our hygiene kits in many places around your house. For all those hours we put in at work, why not keep a handful of kits at your desk so you are always prepared. In times of desperation, not many are worried about packing toiletries when they need to leave. Our suggestion­—keep a stock of our bulk toiletries and hygiene kits in your car and spend your time retrieving your most valuable items.


Giving Back During the Holidays

With the thick of winter approaching, disasters creep up on us. Something as simple as a couple feet of snow can affect those who do not have a home greatly. In order to help those in need, we have made it easy for charity groups and organizations to purchase our hygiene kits in bulk. Pre-assembled in our warehouse, our kits are ready to help change peoples lives straight out of the box. So, get your company involved, call upon your organization, or work with one of your community salvation armies and help make the holiday season full of joy for everyone.

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