How to Steward Your Charity’s Donors Well

The word stewardship means taking responsibility for something that’s valuable. In the charitable world, this involves realizing the gift that your donors are to you and reciprocating in some way. If you’re stuck on how to go about it, here’s how to steward your charity’s donors well in three unique ways.

Start a Membership Program

In a nonprofit, it’s hard to reward someone for their gift without overstepping your tax status. After all, in order for donors to be eligible to deduct donations, they must not receive anything of value in return.

One idea is to create a special membership program within your donor network. For people and companies that meet a certain giving threshold, award them access to membership perks. These can include an inside look into organization operations, members-only events and newsletters, discounts on organization merchandise, and much more. Often, these programs involve a small membership fee for each person.

Send a Card

Though large-scale programs are effective, don’t neglect simpler human gestures. A humble card in the mail is a nice physical reminder of the value of your shared relationship. In a world of automated donation thank-yous, a card they can hold—perhaps even written by a real person—makes an impression.

Apart from a donation thank-you, also send a personalized mailing on their birthday or around the holidays. This gesture connects your organization with a happy time in their life while making them feel acknowledged. Refrain from asking for more money in these messages. The best way to steward your charity’s donors well is by basing your ongoing relationship around more than donations.

Keep Them Informed

Meanwhile, other people simply want to know what’s going on. The greatest reward for your most passionate partners is progress pertaining to the cause. While a membership program affords them more info, so do consistent impact statements, on-the-ground videos, and other communication based around your work.

When donors feel they take part in the story of what you do rather than just funnel you money, they’ll feel even better about the relationship. Eager donors may also appreciate ample opportunities to volunteer and advocate on your behalf.

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