How To Organize Donation Items

It’s not until you’re trying to clear out some closet space that you realize how much stuff you truly own. If you’re looking to declutter your home and do some good, donating is the perfect opportunity to do both. Avoid getting overwhelmed by the process with proper preparation. We’ve put together a guide on how to organize donation items to make assembling and donating gently used goods easier.

Break Donations Down by Room

Regardless of the size of your abode, thinking about everything you have to sift through can be intimidating. Relieve some organizational anxieties by taking it step by step, room by room.

Sorting through items becomes much more manageable when you break it up. When perusing household items by room, you’ll gain a better idea of how much you have to donate and how to categorize your donations. Divvy up your time according to how much decluttering each room requires. For example, your bedroom may take a bit longer to assess than your front room.

Give Yourself Ample Time

Many folks default to tossing gently used items when they’re in a time crunch. While some household materials might be ready for disposal, a lot of tossed items still hold value.

Reduce your waste by increasing organizational opportunities. Dedicate certain days to separating and removing items that go unused. Giving yourself plenty of time to sort through your donations will also help diminish stress levels, especially if you have a deadline.

Pack or Bag Your Donation Items

Once you’ve categorized your goods, you can assemble them in packs or bags to make transportation easier. At BackpackUSA, we have blank backpacks that you can incorporate into your organizing process. Use our wholesale packs to donate an abundance of household items in a tidy fashion. You’ll also be providing a quality unused bookbag for people in need to utilize and enjoy.

Research Pick-ups or Simply Drop Off

Some charitable organizations offer pick-up services, so you don’t have to take your donations anywhere. This service is typically provided for big-ticket items such as furniture or for people who have several boxes or bags. It’s an offer that’s well-worth asking your local donation center about!

If you find that your local donation center does not offer pick-ups, you will need to bring in your gently used items yourself. Avoid letting your donation bags collect dust—schedule a time to drop them off where they’re needed most.

Understanding how to organize donation items makes the charitable task much less daunting. Remember that all your efforts made when decluttering your home will eventually help support those less fortunate.

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