How To Make Blessing Bags for the Homeless

For the individuals on the receiving end who are in need, having something like a blessing bag won’t just cheer them up—it will inspire them and allow them to carry on another day or week. They might even be alright for another month with the essential items they need to help them get along their daily grind—they need essential items to get through their day just as everyone else does.

Not everyone is equipped with the proper tools to start things off right and in a hurry. Some individuals need a little extra help getting started, so that’s where we come in to help. This is how to make blessing bags for the homeless, if you didn’t know or if you were curious to learn.


No matter who you are or where you’re from, socks are one of the essential items that you can carry with you. There is no way to predict the forecast effectively, so to prevent catching a cold or burning your feet, always have socks on hand.

If you tend to be in transit and travel more than most, these will be one of the essential blessing bag items that you can carry for your health and well-being. They will also keep your feet protected from the sun and from any other foot-related diseases that might be prevalent.


Granola is an incredibly versatile food that makes a perfect addition to homeless care package in the winter. You can mix it with just about anything or eat it on its own, and it’s still delicious.

This is a great addition to any care package. It’s full of fiber and nutrients, which is perfect for you. And granola tends to preserve well. So, if you decide to stock up on granola, you’ll know that you’ve got a surplus of snacks ready to keep you going for a long time.

Large Ziplock

No matter where you go, storage is always an issue. As human beings, we can’t seem to have enough bags and compartments to keep our things in so that they aren’t lying out everywhere. That’s why it’s generally a good idea to buy bulk tote bags like these.

When we organize our things, they are less likely to get lost. When you’re on the go, these come in handy, as you can manage and get to your things quickly if you’re living out of a suitcase or a travel bag.


As a rule of thumb, everyone should wear deodorant if they can manage it. Some people’s musk is more robust than others, while others aren’t as potent. But no matter what the situation, everyone deserves to feel their best and be at their best whenever they can. Deodorant can help you get through those tough times until a shower makes itself available if it’s been a while. Not everyone has access to daily showers, so deodorant is an excellent blessing bag item.

Oral Care

If there’s anything you can do for your health, keep your mouth in check by brushing daily for those who don’t have access to toothpaste and a toothbrush.

Having these basic amenities will allow the individual to carry on for more extended periods without having to see emergency care for abscessed teeth or cavities that may have formed. All kinds of strange instances can occur in the mouth with all bacteria present, so this is an essential item worthy of a gift.


Whether you look at them as a breath freshener or candy, they certainly do stimulate the brain. Mints are a great way to unwind and make you feel good as they are refreshing, which helps you through your day—no matter how tough it might seem. Studies have shown that these can help your memory too, so if you ever need a quick boost to help get you going or to start the day, a mint is a great way to help you along.

Sanitizer and Wipes

When you’re traveling, it’s hard not to come in contact with things and people. This means that cleanliness should always be at the top of your priorities. If you can’t wash your hands often, then a great alternative is to have hand sanitizer with you wherever you go. This will help stretch out periods in-between hand washings to save water and your soap also. Sanitizer and wipes are go-to blessing bag items.


No matter what, everyone can use sunscreen. The sun is deadly at certain levels of exposure and can cause all kinds of ailments, such as cancers, heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and sunburn.

These problems happen every day because people are exposed to the sun. So, when you can manage it, always wear sunscreen, no matter what age you are or how well you tan. Sunscreen is an excellent blessing bag care package idea for the homeless.

Peanut Butter Crackers

This is another additional snack food full of protein and just the right amount of fiber that will fill your belly with very little. This makes for an ideal snack to have when traveling or in-between meals. You can also buy these at an affordable price, so make sure to get them in bulk to add to your donation.

Lip Balm

Whether it’s hot or cold, day or night, if you’re dehydrated or the wind chill is high, you can experience chapped lips. No one likes that feeling, so include a few sticks of these in your blessing bag to keep these folks in good spirits.

Water Bottle

Above all else, water should always be at the top of all priorities. If you’re out walking around or you travel a lot because you’re in-between places, you will need more water than most people do. So, having a permanent water bottle could be the blessing bag item that these individuals desperately needed.

This has been a general overview of how to make blessing bags for the homeless, but you can do things however you see fit. We just wanted to provide some general guidelines to give everyone some ideas to run with.

How To Make Blessing Bags for the Homeless