How To Host a Successful Online Giveaway for Women

When planning for an online event, you will need to have everything ready as soon as the event begins. This is especially true if you’re hosting an online giveaway.

There will be an expectation, and the bar is high because the candidates will have invested their time and efforts into winning the contest. With that said, here is how to host a successful online giveaway for women, whether it’s your first or tenth time.

Set a Goal

People love it when you give them a task or something to achieve. When we have goals, we have something to work for, but we must give it meaning for that to mean anything. That’s the purpose of having a goal.

For the giveaway, you may ask the participant to include a picture of them doing their favorite hobby. Then, explain that it’s for the contest winners to have a blog written about them with a little graphic to allow the world to celebrate their success. Something to get the crowd excited and keep them wanting more is the idea here.

You could even have someone send in a journal of them doing something, like tracking their hair care routine for a month after using a trial sample of your product. Then, they can showcase before and after photos with their personal story. This would be an incredible goal for the contest, the individual, and their journey.

Ensure Great Prizes

Of course, if the prizes are no good, the contest won’t be worth people’s time. Let’s say that the grand prize is a three-year supply of top-shelf lotions and moisturizers of your choice with the product that you advertise through the contest.

Now, this would be a great contest to be a part of, but if this is the only prize that you offer and there aren’t any subsequent prizes, it may discourage people from entering due to all the competition. What you could do is choose around 5 or 10 winners.

You could offer cash and gift card rewards for those who placed toward the end and give away other beauty supply products in the middle with an emphasis on combination prizes. People love it when there is more than one item per prize. It amplifies the motivation to enter and win.

Set the Rules

Setting rules for the giveaway is more on the serious side of things, but you must establish them so that there can be order instead of chaos. You should create guidelines such as the number of times someone can enter the contest. Then, there can be no scamming or made-up storylines.

Everything must ring true to the individual; otherwise, it would look bad if the winner lied about themselves and the contest allowed them to win. Then, you might include that the submissions should be tasteful and geared toward the business or organization that you are a part of.

And finally, there should be a timeline that you can follow. Then, from the moment of submission, there will be so many days that the contest goes on, and on an official day, you can reveal the results.

Create a Raffle

Create a raffle to help keep the contest alive and exciting. Consider having prizes along the way, like tickets to venues, gift cards, specialty beauty supplies, exotic snacks, and even sponsored clothing items, to attract potential raffle winners.

You might even include an accessory gift for everyone who has participated by buying wholesale fanny packs in bulk and sending them out to every participant as gratitude for sticking with it. This will keep your numbers up.

Promote the Event

Above all else, you will want to get the word out with as many outlets as possible. Fortunately, because this will be an online promotional event, it’s easily assessable. But to make things even easier to find, you could make a website and provide the link through emails and advertisements.

On the website, you can put as much information about the event as you care to so that people will have a firm grasp of the rules and what they can win. You might also include links for all your social media platforms so that you can inform everyone of any changes in rules or regulations, times, and the status of the event. The purpose here is to make yourself as visible as possible.

Choose a Winner

Once the contest ends, you will need to announce your winner, and this should be no laughing matter. Everyone should have the opportunity to celebrate alongside the contest winners. You might even include a message board on the website just so that the contestants can celebrate with one another.

Follow up Afterward

There is nothing more exciting than news after an event because there are cliffhangers and unexpected Easter eggs in most cases. Make sure you keep the crowd excited by including things like future events coming up with similar or better prizes. If you can guarantee that many people can win and benefit from the event, you will likely keep your numbers up and have just as successful of an event as this one was.

Track Your Results

Finally, if you make it a point to see what your statistics look like and how things went overall with your event, you can track yourself, see where your pitfalls were, and evaluate your gains and strengths. If you capitalize on your strengths and keep yourself aware of your mistakes, you will know what to do moving into the next big event that you decide to host.

This means that you will know what people want and what to expect. It’s hard entertaining the idea of pleasing everyone, but that’s the risk you must take. Keep the events rolling and the prizes available, make things bigger and better with each event, and you can succeed.

This has outlined how to host a successful online giveaway for women so that you can know where to start. Things like this aren’t easy to accomplish and require a lot of time and planning, so best of luck and never give up!

How To Host a Successful Online Giveaway for Women