How School Supplies Impact Student Learning

Education is a capable tool for empowering students’ success and inspiring their future. Many point to the need for good teachers and increased funding to make this happen. But funding doesn’t matter if it doesn’t translate to pencils and paper that students can use for work. And an inventive teacher isn’t effective if his or her students don’t have the supplies to work. If you want to help schools realize the classroom’s ability to help students grow, read this guide to how school supplies impact student learning.

The Right Supplies Help Students Feel Prepared

Everyone values stability. Though kids may not say so, knowing they can depend on a backpack full of organized papers, pens, pencils, and art supplies is comforting for them. Arriving equipped for the school day also helps them feel confident in their ability to function in the classroom. Rather than depending on others for a pencil, they can, with the right supplies, achieve added independence. If you were to donate school essentials such as folders and pencils, students could more easily turn their focus to learning.

They Provide Hands-On Learning

Another way school supplies affect student learning is by helping students engage with their assignments. Rather than hearing their teacher talk through fractions, they could follow along with a pen and paper by writing out equations themselves. This allows for hands-on experience with skills and an overall better learning process; they may even realize they learn better by writing things out themselves.

They Foster a Creative Classroom

School supplies are also valuable tools for a creative classroom. There are so many ways to teach differently when supplies are available. For example, a teacher can have kids find interesting words, record them on their index cards, then shuffle them together and have everyone pick cards to form a thought. This can then serve as a creative writing prompt. If you’d like to help teachers introduce creative activities, consider donating art supplies to your local school district.

They Limit Disruptions

Additionally, the right supplies help teachers avoid distractions that inhibit every student’s learning. When kids don’t have a pencil and cannot participate, they may not just sit quietly. Often, they disrupt their neighbor’s work. For this reason, donating basic school supplies helps the overall classroom atmosphere.

They Help Students Keep Track of Everything

Learning resources like papers and textbooks aren’t helpful if students lose them. Having a consistent folder for papers and a backpack to hold folders and other supplies helps kids keep track of their things. They can also more easily refer to important resources if they’re stored in a specific place.

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