How Charities Can Better Use Social Media

Over the past two decades, social interactions increasingly take place online. From AOL Instant Messenger to Snapchat and many more, online platforms spread and evolved quickly, drastically shifting how nonprofits market to people. Today, it’s more a question of how to engage online rather than why you should. To push your organization forward and do more good, read how charities can better use social media.

Use the Right Platforms Well

When you first decide how your charity will establish a social presence, you determine which platforms are worth your time. Before you open an account, think through the audience you’re aiming for.

If you want to tap into a younger demographic, Twitter is an ideal option because approximately 38 percent of all active users are between 18 and 29 years old. Instagram follows a similar trend line but appeals more to women, while Facebook is broadly popular among different age groups but surging among middle-aged individuals you may want to tailor content toward.

Weave Yourself Into Followers’ Lives

After getting set up, you’ll need an intentional social media strategy.

Post Regularly

As a foundation, plan out consistent posts. Many of your followers will check social media every day, and you’re missing a chance for visibility if you go weeks between posts. Weaving yourself into the fabric of their day helps you gain loyal donors and volunteers who speak highly of your work to others.

Promote and Reward Engagement

Just any post won’t do. Leave the door open for follower engagement by asking fun or salient questions or spreading awareness. When people comment, give well-written responses to foster two-way communication and show people there are real humans on the other end. This human element is more important for charities than perhaps any other organization, given your work.

Provide Easy Links to Getting Involved

Our final way charities can better use social media is by making next steps super simple for people ready to give back. Some inventive nonprofits keep their Pinterest wish list board stocked with potential donation items, which link back to where donors can buy them.

Some platforms provide a clear donation button, but you can go further by linking to current supply drives to communicate a sense of urgency and immediate need. Also, posting about recent project progress and including a link for others to volunteer allows inspired followers to jump into service.

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