How Backpack Trends Shape a Kid’s Social Life

As students are away from the social bubble of school during this pandemic, it’s clearer than ever the profound impact peers have on one another when they’re around each other every day. The way they talk, walk, dress, and accessorize at school influences what friend group they’re in, how they feel about themselves, and how they form an identity going forward. One common aspect that many students share is the backpack each one wears. To learn more on how backpack trends shape a kid’s social life, read on.

Your Backpack Shows Your Interests

First, a backpack isn’t merely a vessel to move books and papers back and forth from school to home. They are items through which kids can express themselves. Namely, they can signal to other kids what their interests are, allowing like-minded students to find them. If they love sports, a backpack with their favorite sports team will do. Otherwise, they show off their favorite show, superhero, animal, and more. It’s surprising how little things like wearing a backpack with these interests displayed for all to see help some kids build connections quicker.

It’s a Mainstay Every Day

Backpacks are a relatively potent tool for other kids because students wear them all day. Cool shirts and slick outfits last for a day—a backpack sticks with them every day. Often, students and those around them build a strong association between a backpack and the person because they lug their backpacks everywhere.

Students’ Reactions to Trends Affects Their Standing

Another way backpack trends shape kids’ social lives is through children’s responses to these trends. If they embrace a trend, then they can conform with a social standard, whereas bucking the trend is a small way of rebelling against the social structure around them. They can conform or rebel in several ways: by how they wear their backpack, what type they buy, what they use it for, and more.

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