5 Cleaning Supplies To Give To Schools

Those returning for the 2020 to 2021 school year—students, teachers, and staff—come back with some unease. Due to the risk of being in a large group as the coronavirus spreads, many hesitated to return at all. Cleaning products are one source of comfort here, as they’re a tool for teachers and others to make everyone in their room safer. If a classroom doesn’t have these items, though, they have little recourse. If you want to make a difference, here are five types of cleaning supplies to give to schools.


First, wipes are a school staple due to their flexibility. Teachers don’t know what kids will throw at them—literally and figuratively—and wipes are perfect for disinfecting and removing mess. They are also tough on germs, whether on a desk’s surface or students’ hands. No need to bring out the cart of supplies, too—wipes are super simple to whip out at the first sign of trouble or during a hasty classroom transition. Without a doubt, they deserve more appreciation and teachers deserve an ample supply.


A cousin to wipes, the tissue is another vital cleaning supply to give to schools. This one addresses kids’ personal messes, ranging from sneezes to bloody noses. While kids wear masks, sneezing becomes more uncomfortable than ever. Tissues offer relief from this discomfort and, should a student need more than a few, signal to the teacher that they may be sick and need to head home.

Hand Sanitizer

Tissues’ counterpart is hand sanitizer, which keeps all the hands in a school clean and can do so immediately. That convenience has high value as everyone enters and exits the building for the day. Putting a bottle of sanitizer at these points allows for cleaner transitions. While nothing can replace washing hands with soap and water, plenty of hand sanitizer gives schools another tool against germs.

Multi-Purpose Cleaning Solution & Paper Towels

Meanwhile, multi-purpose cleaning solutions paired with paper towels provide yet another means of disinfecting surfaces. Beyond that, though, these two are capable of tackling all the normal kinds of messes that happen whenever kids are around. Spilled water bottles and lunch boxes, arts and crafts time gone wrong, and other accidents (or intentional acts) all benefit from cleaning solution and paper towels.

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