Crafty Projects for the Summer

Crafty Projects for the Summer

The summer is coming to a close and your little one’s are back at home excited to see what the summer has in store for them. Summer is filled with plenty of free time, what better way to keep your child busy then with summer time craft projects.

Backpacks USA has a solution for keeping your child busy during the long summer days. Bring home your students bulk school supplies on the last day of school and store them for future use. Old backpacks, pens, pencils, and folders can be tools to creating something new and fun.

Bulk School Supplies DIY Projects

  • Liquid Notebook

Utilize used bulk school supplies to create your own DIY craft project. This first idea is for a liquid filled spiral notebook. Take a used school notebook and cut out a square on the top of the notebook. Next take laminator paper and create a square that can be filled with liquid to be put into this opening on the notebook. Grab mineral oil and water and mix together to the volume you want to put into the lamination paper. Then add food coloring to the oil. Lastly glue down your laminator paper in the opening on the top of the notebook and voila, you have yourself a liquid notebook.

  • Water Marbled Pencils

This next hack involves used pencils from school to create a unique and exciting new look. Take different colors of nail polish and add drops of polish to water in a dish. Swirl the water around to get the marble look and dip your used pencil into the liquid, then let dry. What a fun way to re-use your bulk school supplies.

  • Paint on Pencil Case

This last project uses your end of the year pencil cases to create a canvas for painting on. You can purchase a white fabric that can be cut out and glued down with super glue over the original fabric of the case. Make sure you pick out a canvas like material that can be painted on. Next grab paints that apply well to this fabric and paint away. You can add glitter, sparkles and other accessories to your design. Wholesale school supplies put to good use!

For more information you can visit Pinterest and other social media platforms for ideas to use your bulk backpacks, bulk school supply kits and other school items to create fun, memorable summer DIY projects.

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