Common Misconceptions About Elementary School Fundraisers

Grade school fundraisers can do a lot of good. They help raise money for important causes while teaching young students valuable skills.

Learn the common misconceptions people have about fundraisers. By understanding these, you can ensure your elementary school’s next charity event is a big success.

It’s Best To Stick to Tried-and-True Methods

While there’s some worth in sticking to what you know, doing this in excess can hinder growth. In terms of fundraising, your audience may become uninterested if you use the same products every time.

Consider stepping outside the box for more success. For example, your school could try doing a fundraiser that involves selling bulk cartoon character backpacks to support kids in need. Getting these items at a wholesale price means potentially earning a high profit margin.

More Fundraisers Mean More Money

Repeated fundraisers run the risk of hurting your cause. The reasoning behind this is that you’re saturating your market.

Your community only has so much to give, so it’s best to make those efforts count. While there aren’t any strict rules about how many fundraisers you can have, it’s often best to aim for one to three each school year. Your group will also have more time to plan each fundraising event, which will raise the success rate.

Students Don’t Learn Anything

Some may worry about students not enjoying themselves when participating in an elementary school fundraiser. However, we challenge this common misconception by looking at all the ways they benefit.

Fundraisers teach students many important skills, including:

  • Creativity
  • Goal setting
  • Teamwork
  • Customer service

Creativity can flourish when students create posters or flyers to help promote the fundraiser. These activities allow them to take pride in their work.

By engaging in tactics like door-to-door selling with a peer, they learn to work as a team to accomplish goals while learning how to talk to people in the neighborhood. Also, offering students rewards or prizes for all their hard work brings fun and incentives to the fundraising.

Digital Platforms Have Too Many Fees

In our modern world, many ways to raise money exist. Some people believe the misconception that online and mobile platforms cut too much into a school’s fundraising profits.

However, we find utilizing these tools helpful more often than not. While it’s true that certain platforms charge fees, schools can significantly expand their reach when they pursue digital avenues. Parents who post about fundraising efforts on social media can reach friends and family abroad in addition to people in their neighborhoods.