7 Features To Look For in Wholesale Backpacks

When it comes to bulk purchases, you should carefully evaluate products to receive accurate items. After all, no one wants 35 backpacks that don’t meet their standards. Fortunately, we can help with your purchasing decisions. Look at these features to look for in wholesale backpacks to ensure you pick the right products.

Wide Variety of Fabrics

One of the best things about buying backpacks in bulk is that they come in the exact size, shape, and fabric you need. But when it comes to fabric, make sure your supplier has material that fits your needs. After all, the material should align with your applications. For instance, you may want robust backpacks for outdoor enthusiasts or lightweight bags for grammar school kids; the fabric should reflect those needs.

Browse your supplier’s options and evaluate carrier material. Whether you want robust polyester bags or lightweight canvas ones, make sure you shop at a place that offers plenty of options to meet your needs.

Manufacturing Quality

Wholesale prices are cheaper than retail prices because they come directly from the manufacturer. Therefore, low price does not equate to poor quality in this case. However, when you purchase a wholesale backpack or other carrier, you should evaluate the manufacturer’s reputation and the quality of their products.

Ideally, you want backpacks with durable seams, sturdy straps, wash- and weather-resistant fabric, and resilience to wear and tear. Furthermore, checking durability and capacity is important to ensure the backpacks fit your applications. After all, no one wants a weak backpack that can barely hold books or school supplies. People want to wear backpacks for long periods and in various situations. Therefore, wholesale backpacks should meet (or exceed) people’s expectations.

Want To Go Eco-Friendly?

For some people, eco-friendliness is an important aspect of quality. As people become more environmentally aware and mindful, they prefer buying carriers with sustainable materials. If this is you, consider looking into wholesale backpacks with organic cotton and canvas. Be sure to ask the manufacturer about their environmentally friendly options.

Wide Color Variety

If you need backpacks to advertise your brand or have attractive gear for trade show giveaways, you must consider color variety. Some carriers in bulk are available in plain colors, while others feature patterns or unique designs. If you want a suitable bag that meets your needs, budget, and purposes, find a manufacturer that offers plenty of vibrant bag shades. After all, you want to get the most out of your budget and receive visually pleasing carriers.

Popular Backpack Colors

Colors make a huge difference for backpacks, especially if you use them for promotional gear. People want visually pleasing bags that work for different occasions. Besides printed bags, here are popular colors to consider:

  • Black
  • Red
  • Navy
  • Turquoise
  • Hot pink
  • Lime
  • Beige
  • Orange

Print Space

Generally, a plain backpack has promotional value. If marketing is your primary goal for wholesale carriers, choose a manufacturer with backpacks featuring print areas. This way, you can customize the bags with your logo, images and graphics, messaging, or brand colors.

Please remember that not all fabrics display prints the same way. If you buy dark bags, your prints may blend with the backpack colors and become unnoticeable. Depending on your customization strategy, make sure the supplier offers a wide variety of printable fabrics to ensure your backpacks will carry your logos and messaging right.

Model Variety

If this is your first time ordering wholesale products, you may limit yourself to a single backpack model. However, as you expand your bag needs (or marketing strategy), you may want different models to match various needs. Start your journey on the right foot by picking a manufacturer that offers different models, designs, sizes, and backpack types. Most manufacturers offer basic, deluxe, transparent, and classic backpacks. You may need two-tone canvas utility bags one week and neon carriers for kids the next. Therefore, find a supplier that can fulfill your goals.

Product Attributes

Product attributes are also features to look for in wholesale backpacks. Like most purchase decisions, you get what you pay for. Therefore, you should evaluate the carrier’s features for each model. Depending on the application, you may want bags with specific qualities. Here are popular examples:

  • Double zippers
  • Adjustable padded straps
  • Locker loop
  • Front and side pockets
  • Multiple storage compartments
  • Reinforced seams
  • Chest or hip straps
  • Water-resistant material
  • Hidden pockets
  • USB charging port


If you want a positive reputation, make sure your promotional gear or products are things people want. Quality backpacks are aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. Whether for a few minutes or hours, people carry backpacks for different amounts of time. Ideally, you want to invest your money into a carrier that performs well.

Request a backpack sample from the supplier and test out the material. This way, you know everything is up to code before purchasing bags. A quick comfort check can ensure you distribute a product that is suitable for everyone.

Other Important Factors

Besides the look and feel of backpacks, there are other important factors to consider. These factors deal with the manufacturer itself and your buying experience. Check out some things to keep in mind below.

Market Demand and Pricing

Remember to compare the pricing of a prospective backpack supplier with other similar companies to gauge how competitive they are in the market. When assessing companies, consider price tiers, bulk order sales, and payment terms. Make sure these elements align with your budget.

Price and Flexibility

Sometimes you want just 25 backpacks, while other times you need 300 wholesale bags—not to mention those special times when some companies need up to 10,000 bags at once.

To accommodate fluctuating demand, you should be able to count on your manufacturer to meet these demands without enforcing limits or price benchmarks. When you request wholesale prices, ask about the number flexibility and price balance. Ultimately, you want a supplier that fits your budget and unit goals.

Shipping and Customer Service

Assess the proficiency and responsiveness of the manufacturer’s customer service team. These factors provide insight into the supplier’s ability to deliver custom solutions and their willingness to assist you. The team should demonstrate their expertise within the industry.

Furthermore, prompt shipping and delivery are critical for meeting market demand and achieving customer satisfaction. Evaluate the supplier’s shipping methods, estimated delivery times, and order tracking strategies to ensure simple order processes and seamless delivery.

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7 Features To Look For in Wholesale Backpacks