6 Ways a Swimming Team Can Use Drawstring Bags

Swimming requires you to spend a lot of time at the pool, doing laps and practicing your form to get your strokes and breathing right. Investing in equipment like drawstring bags can help you keep your gear easily accessible no matter where you go so that you always have what you need. Here are six ways a swimming team can use drawstring bags.

Drawstrings Serve as Great Laundry Bags

Your entire team will need fresh towels after every practice or meet. With a drawstring bag gear, you can have one team member collect towels in their drawstring and wash them to be ready for the next practice or meet. Consider buying wholesale drawstring bags so that you and your teammates can have extra on hand in case you end up having more laundry than expected.

Everyone Can Have a Fresh Change of Clothing

Not only can your drawstring bag store your towels, but it can also store several changes of clothes if needed. You’ll likely arrive at a meet or practice wearing your everyday clothes, and you’ll obviously need to change into your swimsuit. But after you’re finished swimming, you may prefer to change into a fresh outfit instead of the one you had on beforehand.

You’ll Have a Great Excuse for Some Beach Time

If your team is looking for ways to spend time together and have fun while bonding and practicing, consider planning a beach day. Drawstring bags make the perfect beach carry-alls, as they easily store your swimming gear and towels. If you don’t live near an ocean, you can still plan this type of outing at an outdoor pool, river, or lake. Bonding as a team is essential for quality performance later on.

You’ll Have Everything You Need While Traveling

If your team frequently travels to away meets, having a drawstring bag is ideal. The bags are just casual enough and large enough to be the perfect bag on the go. You likely won’t be staying anywhere too long, so you won’t need a suitcase or any other large piece of luggage—a drawstring bag will suit your needs perfectly!

You Can Bring Other Forms of Entertainment

If you’re traveling a long distance to a tournament or often find yourself waiting around for your event to start, you might need something to keep you entertained. You can use your drawstring bag to pack all kinds of things to entertain you, including tablets, phones, and books.

Stay Fresh and Clean After Practice

Every athlete needs to rinse off after practice, even those who spend their practices in a pool. Sometimes, you’ll only need to quickly freshen up but on other occasions, a full shower may be in order. Regardless of your hygiene needs, you’ll need your toiletries to do the job well. You can store your toiletries in your drawstring bag to make freshening up easy after practice or a meet.

Now that you know these six ways a swimming team can use drawstring bags, you can utilize them to their fullest potential.