6 Supplies To Stock Up on for Your Summer Camp Craft Corner

Summertime is the perfect opportunity for kids to explore their creativity. Arts and crafts are always fun, as kids can create a massive array of masterpieces. Prepare a creative environment with the right tools—check out the supplies to stock up on for your summer camp craft corner!

Aprons or Smocks

Art projects can get messy, but you can protect children’s clothes with aprons or smocks. These lightweight garments easily handle dust, paint spills, and other art-related stains. And since smocks are lightweight, they’re easy to store in bins or on coat hangers. Just make sure you have enough aprons for each art room participant to wear one.

Kid-Sized Scissors

Traditional scissors are quite sharp, and children risk injuring themselves on those pointy blades. Luckily, kid scissors offer superior cutting performance for smaller hands. They feature blunt tips and kid-safe blade angles in an effort to prevent accidents.

Coloring Utensils

What’s a craft space without pencils, markers, and crayons? They’re staple art supplies for kids of all ages—be sure to stock up on coloring utensils for your summer camp craft corner. It’s worth noting that coloring utensils tend to wear down fast, so it’s best to keep several packs of markers, crayons, and pencils on hand. This way, kids will always have the tools they need for their projects.

Glue Sticks

Liquid glue is messy and sticky, so many crafters prefer glue sticks—they’re small, great for simple crafts, and easy for kids to use. And as long as you keep the caps on, they’re also long-lasting! You can purchase a bulk supply of glue sticks and keep them on your shelf until craft time arrives.

Single Hole Punches

One of the best parts about arts and crafts is displaying art pieces. You can use a single hole punch to make holes in paper and lace a string through the sheets; then, you can display multiple papers at once. All in all, a single hole punch is a great tool to have on hand.

Construction Paper

Whether the kids want to draw pictures or cut out shapes, construction paper is helpful in a variety of ways. You can even find paper bundles that include various colors. In many cases, kids cut the shapes they want from construction paper and discard the remaining pieces. To get the most out of your supplies, keep a bin for used paper and repurpose it for future projects.

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