5 Tips for Putting Together Care Packages on a Budget

Sending care packages shouldn’t cost an arm and leg. You can create special gifts while staying price-conscious. Check out these tips for putting together care packages on a budget!

Be Intentional

Be intentional with the items you include in your care packages, whether you’re creating them for deployed soldiers or unhoused people. We all want to add unique trinkets to care packages, but you can waste your budget if you add too many random products. Be practical with your care packages and incorporate useful things. If you have leftover money, feel free to include fun items.

Purchase Wholesale Products

Purchasing wholesale products is a helpful tip for putting together care packages on a budget. Generally, wholesale prices are cheaper than retail prices because you buy items in bulk from the manufacturer. In addition, some manufacturers offer discounts for bulk purchases. Typically, you use the same items when creating multiple care packages. It’s best to save money on those items and purchase them at cheaper prices.

Look for Sales

Looking for sales is a smart way to get the most out of your budget. After-holiday sales are goldmines for frugal shoppers because stores want to get rid of unseasonal products. With some creativity, you can repurpose products for care packages or stock up for next year. For example, buy discounted holiday cards for next year’s season’s greetings.

Add Homemade Goodies

Sometimes, it’s easy to think that care packages need picture-perfect items with lavish trinkets. However, that’s not true! Add homemade goodies to care packages to save money while incorporating a personalized touch. Add homemade notes, small crafts, and other sentimental items. Not only will you save money, but you’ll brighten someone’s day.

Enlist Help

Extra hands make a significant impact on any initiative, including care packages. If you plan on sending bulk packages, enlist some help and divide responsibilities. For example, someone can purchase a bulk pack of toothpaste while someone else buys toothbrushes. Therefore, the financial responsibility doesn’t fall on one person. You can create better care packages with all the essential items when you enlist help. You may also have extra money for additional things like treats or small trinkets.

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