5 Places To Donate Oral Hygiene Products

Necessities such as toothpaste, floss, and toothbrushes are in high demand for people experiencing homelessness. Instead of hanging onto unused toiletries, consider donating them. These are five places to donate oral hygiene products.

Local Homeless Shelter

People experiencing homelessness may not have access to dental care. Regularly brushing your teeth prevents plaque buildup, cavities, and tarter. Without oral hygiene, dental problems can occur. In some cases, dentists need to remove teeth.

Unfortunately, limited resources force people to opt out of dental care. They may live with untreated conditions like cavities or gum disease. Supporting community members with oral hygiene products makes a huge difference and allows people to care for their teeth.

Food Pantries

Food pantries accept food and personal hygiene products. Donations support families and allow organizations to create baskets for communities. They provide canned goods, personal hygiene products, bathroom supplies, and cleaning products to those who need them. Donations help low-income families and individuals care for themselves.

Disaster Relief Groups

You can also donate oral hygiene products to disaster relief groups. These groups provide immediate assistance, equipment, and resources after a natural disaster. Communities lose homes, schools, and other resources from severe weather, fires, and other tragedies.

Disaster relief groups give people hope as they rebuild their lives. In the aftermath, communities rely on donations for everyday needs. Having access to oral hygiene products supports dental health and overall cleanliness.

Nonprofit Organizations

Women’s shelters, religious centers, and youth groups are nonprofit organizations that accept donations. Personal care items go to those in need. Clean, unopened hygiene products let people regularly brush and floss their teeth, which keeps teeth healthy and prevents gum disease.

Deployed Troops

Support the U.S. Military by sending toiletries overseas. Operation: Care and Comfort is an organization that sends hygiene products to deployed troops. You can mail items to the donation center or drop them off. You can also send hygiene products to veteran hospitals. They appreciate donations and volunteers!

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